It’s Now or Never

I will give you the treasures of darkness, hidden riches of secret places,
That you may know that I (am) the LORD, Who call you by your name…..
(Isaiah 45:3)
At a very dark time in the history of the people of Israel, when they were in captivity in Babylon with no hope of ever returning to their home, God gave them a word through the prophet Isaiah that He was going to raise Cyrus, a king who would usher in a new era for them. This king would “restore God’s city and free (His) captive people without seeking a reward” (v 13). God would do it for His name’s sake and for the sake of His people (v 3-4). This is a time for us to pray for strong, righteous, far-sighted and fair leadership to arise in Malaysia to help us chart a path away from religious extremism in our beloved multi-racial, multi-religious land founded on a secular constitution.
With Hadi Awang’s amendment to his Parliamentary Bill 355 (to increase the Syariah court’s powers) due to be tabled for debate these next few weeks, we have before us the potential start of a road that may lead to the possible implementation of Hudud laws. The only political parties that have pledged to vote against the bill (which needs only a simple majority to pass) are DAP, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and Sarawak BN at the moment. These alone will not be enough to defeat the bill, should it be ever be formally tabled. A recent research poll shows that 52 percent of Malaysians already believe the country’s laws should strictly follow the Quran. How do we counter this?
A new 24/7 prayer room, SKYHOP, has now been made available for us in Skyline. We can all sign up to pray in hourly (or even two or three hourly slots) through the day or night! It is here in the unseen quietness of bringing our nation before the throne of God that He will give us “the treasure of darkness and the riches in secret places”. He will call us by name. This is what will make the difference. Remember it was the humble sling and stone that slew Goliath. Not the sword. For us, it is now or never…

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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