Jesus’ conduct with women was exemplary. While He was fully divine, He was also fully man. He was tempted just like us, yet did not sin (Hebrews 4:15). The Bible makes that clear. Yet, movie-makers in Hollywood and elsewhere have sought to portray him as consumed by lust and secretly leading a harem of women in his ministry, and even marrying one of them! The Last Temptation of Christ was one such blasphemous movie. It was released in 1988 and failed at the box office. Others seek to portray Christ as gay as in “Saved!” released in 2004. There will be more in days to come.

Jesus’ enemies could not pin any scandal on Him in their repeated attempts to expose Him. The women who followed him were of three groups: the first were ladies of high society like Joanna, the wife of Herod’s steward or ladies of means like Susanna (Luke 8:3). They provided for Him and His disciples in ministry. The second group were people who had been deeply impacted by His ministry. Mary Magdalene had been set free from demons (Luke 8:2). Mary and Martha’s brother had been raised from the dead by Jesus and served Him out of unlimited gratitude (John 11, Luke 10:38-42). Others followed because of friendship or family relationship: Mary, His own mother, Mary the mother of James and Joses (Matthew 27:56), Salome etc., who became his disciples.

He had women across the social spectrum following Him. He never condemned any because of their sinful past but always pointed to Himself as the better and higher way. The woman caught in the act of adultery was forgiven and loved (John 8). Without Him, she would have been stoned! The promiscuous Samaritan woman was forgiven of her sordid past (John 4) and ran into the village to tell the world of her new found Saviour! The prostitute who wiped His feet with her tears loved much because she had been forgiven much (Luke 7)! Jesus restored women to their full dignity; He loved them for who they were, gave them hope and empowered them to live fully for God’s glory. In doing so, He modeled God’s way of treating women for all time.

耶稣对女性的待遇是非常与众不同的。虽然祂充满着神性,但同时祂亦是百分百的凡人。与我们一样,祂也曾受过试探,只是祂并没有犯罪 (希伯来书4:15);而圣经也清楚地说明这一点。然而,好莱坞以及各个地方的电影制作人都试图把耶稣塑造成一个被情欲吞噬,并且在服事里暗中带领着一群后宫的人,甚至还娶了其中一位!《基督最后的诱惑》就是如此亵渎耶稣之名的一部电影!它在1988年上映,并在票房上获得差强人意的成绩。有人则试图塑造耶稣基督为一个同性恋的支持者,就如在2004上映的电影《高校六甲生》一样。我相信,类似的电影将陆续有来。

耶稣的敌人多次想要揭发祂,但仍旧找不到任何与祂有关的丑闻。跟从耶稣的女性来自三种不同的背景:第一种是像希律的家宰苦撒的妻子,约亚拿一样位于上流社会的女性,或是像苏撒拿般能够自给自足的女性 (路加福音8:3);她们用自己的财物供给耶稣与门徒们。第二种是那些被耶稣的服事深深影响的女性:马利亚·抹大拉从恶魔的束缚中得以释放。耶稣让马利亚与马大的弟兄拉撒路死里复活,因着充满感恩的心去事奉祂(约翰福音11, 路加福音10:38-42)。其他跟随耶稣的人则因亲情或是友情:耶稣的亲母马利亚、雅各和约西德母亲马利亚(马太福音27:56)、以及撒罗米等等,他们都是耶稣的门徒。

耶稣的追随者概括了各个社会阶层的女性。祂从不会因她们的过去谴责她们;而是把她们指向祂:那更好、更崇高的道路。那行淫时被拿的妇人得以宽恕并受到爱护 (约翰福音8)。如果不是因为耶稣,那妇人必定被众人用石头打死!那淫乱的撒玛利亚妇人因她不堪的过去得以饶恕 (约翰福音4),兴奋地跑回城里告诉众人她的新救主!那用眼泪清洗耶稣的脚的罪妇,她的爱多因为她被赦免也多(路加福音7)。耶稣恢复了女性的尊严;祂完全地爱每一位女性,并给予她们希望,鼓励她们过一个荣耀上帝的生活。而耶稣这么做,正正效仿了上帝如何对待女性。

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