Joseph And Christmas.. Nine Years On 9年之…约瑟与圣诞

“Joseph.. don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife.
(Matthew 1:20)

The Lord was with Joseph and he was a successful man.
(Genesis 39:2)

There are two well known Josephs in the Bible. Both were young. Both had dreams. In both cases, their dreams came to pass. Both went to Egypt. Both returned to Israel. One in his lifetime. The other, after death. One was a carpenter in Galilee. The other became prime minister of Egypt. One is part of the gospel Christmas story. The other is story from Genesis told in a musical production this Christmas by Skyline! So, when people talk about Joseph this Christmas, you must ask, “which one?” Because we hope Joseph will be a great conversation starter for all you, your friends and family.

What an amazing weekend it’s been! Over six months of hard work and rehearsals in the midst of the busyness of life, work and travels. We have come a long way! In November 2010, at our first ever “Joseph” musical production, I wrote:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why.. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not? “That pretty much sums up our journey! As the curtains come down after four wonderful days, few thoughts it could be done in KK. They said this city was a cultural desert lacking talent. Others said Sabahan English wasn’t up to scratch for a West End musical. And as for Skyline we weren’t supposed to be a “big enough” church to stage a musical like that (we numbered 520). We sold out every night. All who came were astounded by the performance and loved it!”

We passed that milestone in 2010. Today Joseph has grown even bigger! God has grown us in faith, talent, and teamwork. So, this weekend, bring every friend you can to Joseph. Start a conversation. Talk about betrayal, forgiveness, love, and hope. Bring the conversation to Christ who came at Christmas, rejected and betrayed by man but to all who believe in Him, there is forgiveness of our sins, love hope and eternal life.



在圣经里, 有2位很著名的约瑟。他们两都是有梦想的年轻人。在两个情况下,他们的梦想都被实现了。两位都曾到过埃及,之后再返回以色列。一位在生前; 一位在往生后。一位是加利利的木匠; 另一位则是埃及的宰相。一位是圣诞佳音的一份子; 另一位则是Skyline从创世纪故事里所呈现的音乐舞台剧里的约瑟! 因此,当您在这圣诞期间谈论约瑟时,您应该提问: “到底是哪一位约瑟呢?” 因为我们希望约瑟的故事将会在您和亲朋好友谈话时,成为一个很好的开场白。

真是个非常棒的周末呀! 在这6个月里尽管生活过得非常忙碌,大家都尽心尽力为音乐舞台剧苦练彩排。我们的确走过了一段很漫长的路! 在2010年的11月,我在第一个约瑟音乐舞台剧制作中写到:

“有些人只看到眼前已有的事物,然后去探索其所以然;我向往那些未有的,并探索其可能性。”这句话确切的形容我们一路走来的过程啊! 在那四天美好的演出落幕之时,有人曾认为这件事在亚庇是做不到的。他们说这里是一座人才文化干枯的城市。有的人则说沙巴人所讲的英语不能达到西端音乐舞台剧(West End Musical) 的水准。更有人说以我们Skyline教会当时的人数是 “不足够” 来呈现这么大型的音乐舞台剧 (人数 520人)。那时,每场演出的门票都售完!所有人都非常喜欢此演出,并为之感到非常惊叹!

我们在2010年达到了这个里程碑。如今,约瑟音乐舞台剧亦拥有更大的增长! 在过去的日子里,上帝已扩展了我们的信心、才华与团队合作。因此,在这周末带您所有的朋友来观赏,并和他们谈有关背叛、饶恕、慈爱与盼望的话题。
让我们把基督带入话题中,即使祂面对了背叛和拒绝,但相信祂的人,我们便可得到饶恕、 慈爱、永生和盼望。

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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