Launching into Black 迈向黑色

For everything there is a season…
A time to tear down and a time to build up
(Ecclesiastes 3:1,3)

Welcome to the Launch Service! Today’s the start of a new phase in Skyline’s history! Adjust your eyes to our new, dark, retrofitted, made-over sanctuary. You might lose your initial bearings as you step into the abrupt contrast. Gone are the soothing, pastel colours of the past. In strides the bold, arrogant, mysterious, and overwhelming colour of the future—black! Being cocooned by such blackness may evoke excitement or even puzzlement. Why have we done it?

The Bible tells us there are seasons for everything… a time to tear down and a time to build up. Are we doing it out of novelty? No. Necessity. You heard what I said on Anniversary Gift Day. We must have a new perspective, new passion, and new priority! Otherwise we will become a sunset church. The Now generation must empower the Next so they can raise the New. The changes you see today may not sit well with some in the Now generation. But we believe it is essential for the Next and New!

Black is a strange colour. It is modest but also arrogant. It is easy but also classy. Easy in that any woman can wear black and look good. Classy in that some look absolutely astounding! Black is bold yet mysterious. It shouts but what…? It is inclusive but also private. It makes us one, yet it hides anyone who wants to stay hidden! So, if you are new and want to remain anonymous, you will love Skyline’s black! And that’s OK with us. We would love to welcome you when you feel ready.

Making way for the next and new generations is inevitable. But go one step more. We must make it intentional! The day will come for new elders, pastors and leaders. Our dark sanctuary today tells us that the millennials and Gen Zs will not only feel at home, but know they truly belong and have a say in the future of this church!

(传道书 3:1, 3)

欢迎大家出席Launch Service!今天是Skyline开始历史中的新阶段!调整您的视线于我们全新改装,带有黑色系设计的圣所吧。当您一踏入这突然的对比时,一开始您可能会有所迷失。一向以来平静与和色彩都已消失了。取而代之的便是大胆、傲慢、神秘并难以抗拒,代表着未来的颜色-黑色!被这黑暗包围可能会令人觉得兴奋,但也有可能让人觉得迷惑。那我们为何要这么做呢?


黑色是个很奇怪的颜色。它看起来谦逊但同时也非常傲慢。它很简单但也很时髦。简单是因为当任何一位女士把黑色穿在身上时,她们看起来都非常得体。时髦是因为有些人穿起黑色看起来确实让人惊艳!黑色大胆但也很神秘。它吼叫但又…?它包括一切但也很隐秘。它将我们合一,但同时也能把那些想躲起来的给隐藏起来!如果您是新世代,又想保持低调的话,那您肯定喜欢Skyline 的黑色!这对我们来说是没关系的。当您准备好时,我们随时都很乐意欢迎您。


Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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