Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live ” (John 11: 25-26 NKJV)

As a doctor in hospital I saw life beginning and ending many times in the same day. A child is born in one room and a patient dies in the other. There are cries of joy in one ward and wails of grief in another. Why does birth bring joy and death, sadness? One is something new and found. The other is something (or someone) lost forever. The cycle repeats itself endlessly. Life begins in joy and ends in sorrow. In the end darkness always wins so what is the point of being born in the first place? Is there a purpose to life other than the inevitability of death? Philosophers say no. Humanists tell us to live for the present and “make this world better”. My question is still “for what?” No one offers certainty and meaning to life beyond the grave.

Except one person. Only Jesus rose from the dead to prove His deity and His power to conquer death and sin and hell. You may doubt the veracity of the Gospel account but we know Jesus existed and was crucified under Roman rule. Secular documents prove that. The Gospels tell us His disciples hid in fear yet three days later were fearless in proclaiming that Jesus was alive! What caused this change to the point that they were suddenly prepared to die for their faith?

The only sensible conclusion must be that they had seen Him alive! Were they hallucinating? Eleven men all at once and later, five hundred more? Give me a break! Maybe the disciples stole the body and fabricated a lie? Crazy. Would they die for a lie? Maybe Jewish or Roman authorities kept the body. Then all they had to do was to produce the corpse to stop the rumour. They couldn’t. Then He did rise again!! Today He is alive and wants to give you this same eternal life… a life without end.

(约翰福音 11:25-26 和合本)

身为一名医生,同一天里,我在医院多次目睹生命的开端与结束。在这间房间一个婴儿诞生;在另一间房间则有人离世。一边是开心的泪水,另一边则是哀嚎大哭。为何新生命带来欢乐,而死亡,却会带来悲伤?一端是缔造新的人事物;另一端则是永远失去了某样事物(或人物)。这是一个不断反复重演的生命周期。从生命开始时的喜悦,到悲伤的结束。最后,黑暗总是得胜,那我们为何生在这世上?死亡是必然的,我们活着有任何意义吗?哲学家不以为然。人文主义学家告诉我们要活在当下,并“让这个世界变得更好”。然而我心中的疑问依然是,“那活着究竟是为了什么呢?” 没有人能赋予死后生命的何去何从与意义并给予肯定的答案 。

除了这一位 — 唯有耶稣从死里复活,证实了祂不朽的大能,战胜了罪恶、地狱和死亡。您或许会怀疑福音书里所记载的,但大家都知道耶稣的确存在,也知道祂在罗马统治下被钉在十字架上。世俗文件也证明了此事。福音书里告诉我们祂的门徒当时害怕得躲起来。然而3天后,他们却勇敢无惧地宣告耶稣复活了!究竟是什么让他们突然间为了他们所信万死不辞呢?

唯一合理的结论就是,他们全都看见了,祂还是活着的!您认为是他们的幻觉吗?现是11个人看见了,后来又有500个人也一起看见了?等会儿!或许这些门徒偷走了祂的尸体,然后再捏造一个谎言?这岂不是疯了!他们会为了一个谎言而丢掉性命吗?亦或许是犹太人或罗马当权者收藏着祂的尸体。若是如此,他们只需再找另一具尸体来制止谣言。但他们根本做不到!那么意思是说,祂真的从死里复活了!!今天,祂还是活着的,祂要赐予您同样的永生盼望… 一个永无止境的生命。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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