…Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields,
for they are already white for harvest! (John 4:35 NKJV)

While in the Holy Land last week, all seventy of us leaned excitedly over the side of our boat on the Sea of Galilee as the fishermen cast their net into the deep. As they dragged the net in, we craned our necks to see… alas nothing! They tried again on the other side as we watched again with eager anticipation. Again… nothing. I thought to myself. Lord, let this not be a prophetic sign for the church. That we will not see any spiritual harvest this year. Then I remembered the words of Simon Peter: “Master we have toiled all night and caught nothing. Nevertheless…”

Nevertheless what? “Nevertheless at YOUR WORD…” And the word of God for us remains thus: “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields for they are already white for the harvest…” It means two things. Jesus is speaking to us today to keep looking at the bigger picture. There are countless people out there not yet saved; they are waiting to hear the gospel, and to receive the good news! Don’t be put off by empty catches and lack of fruitfulness. See the BIG picture! The sea is full of fish!

Secondly, I sensed God saying that an empty catch in the northeast part of the lake where we were at that time, at mid-afternoon, does not mean an empty catch in another part of the lake another time! Jesus said that one sows and another reaps (John 4:36). This means that sometimes we see nothing (sowing) while at other times we get a harvest (reaping). It is not the fruit that is the mark of obedience. It is our obedience in sharing the Gospel each time, every time that brings Him joy, and in the end, will also bring us much joy and a harvest. Whether we are reaping or sowing, we are part of God’s team. So today, let’s all lift up our spiritual eyes again and see that the fields are ready. Are you ready?

…我告诉你们, 举目向田观看, 庄稼已经熟了(原文是发白), 可以收割了。

上个星期当我们到圣地游历时, 我们全行七十人皆兴奋地靠着船的一旁, 观看着渔夫在往加利利海的水深之处撒下渔网。当渔夫把渔网拖上时, 我们都很心急的伸长我们的脖子, 想要探个究竟…哎呀, 竟然一无所获! 他们又尝试在船的另一边进行捕捉, 我们也再一次带着充满渴望和期待的心情去观看。同样的…没得着什么。我心里想着: 上帝啊, 别让这成为教会预言的印证啊! 这岂不是意味着在今年里, 我们将不会见证到属灵果子的收割了? 就在这时候, 我顿时想起了西门彼得的话:“ 夫子, 我们整夜劳力, 并没有打着什么。但依从你的话 (尽管如此), 我就下网。”

尽管如此什么呢? “尽管如此,但依从祢的话…” 而上帝给我们的话语依旧如此:“举目向田观看, 庄稼已经熟了…” 这代表着两个意思。今天, 耶稣在向我们说, 要继续把目光专注在大局上。因为这世界上还有无数未得救的灵魂; 他们在等待着听到福音并接受那好消息的机会! 别让那一无所获的捕捉或果子收割的缺乏使您气馁并失去信心。我们要看得更远! 那大海是充满了鱼的!

第二, 我感觉到上帝告诉我说, 就算我们在那个时候。当时是正午时分, 在湖的东北方, 捕获不到什么, 但并不代表, 在别的时段的另一处也会是一样。耶稣说, 那人撒种, 这人收割 (约翰福音4:37)。这意味着, 有些时候我们不会看见什么(撒种), 但却在别的时侯得了收割(成熟)。结出果子并不是顺服的标志, 而是我们每次顺服地分享福音, 每次所带给他的喜乐。这些最终也能够带给我们更大的喜乐和收割。无论我们是撒种或收割的, 我们都是与上帝同工。所以, 今天让我们再次把属灵的眼睛举起, 观望成熟的禾场。您准备好了吗?

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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