Make Joseph Known! 让约瑟扬名天下!

The LORD was with Joseph, and he became a successful man, and… the LORD caused all that he did to succeed in his hands.
(Genesis 39:2)

Next month, one of the greatest stories in the Bible will premier as a Skyline Christmas musical. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat is a story about a young man who dared to dream. Not just any dream, but a God-given one. A dream of future greatness, and one that changed the destiny of two nations: Egypt and Israel. But before any dream becomes a reality, character has to be formed, faith has to be deeply rooted, hard work is vital, and the big picture has to be kept in view. The rich mixture of emotions in Joseph’s story is captured on timeless songs by the incomparable duo of Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice. You will be mesmerized!

I first watched it as an undergrad in the Oxford Playhouse and was spellbound. Yet behind the story is a God who IS and who can meet you in your darkest hour and bring you out of it. The Joseph musical will play for seven nights. Bring your family and friends. Everyone from young to old will enjoy it. After the show, go for coffee or supper. Ask your pre-believing friends: “How did they find the show?” “Which parts of the musical did they enjoy most?” Which scenes impacted them?” “Did they know that the story was from the Bible?” “That it was God who allowed Joseph to go through what he did? And saved him and eventually his whole family?” The Bible says the same God is alive today and He can save through Jesus. Would they like to know Him? It’s a great opportunity for us to share the gospel this Christmas!

Please get the tickets out to everyone NOW. Get the e-flyers out far and wide. By word of mouth, by social media, by WhatsApp… by any means possible! This is too good an opportunity to pass up. There is a dream waiting to bloom in each and every one of us. The musical will captivate you, make you laugh, make you cry, and above all bring your family and friends closer together at the end. It’s a story of all of our hopes!


下个月,Skyline将会呈现圣经里其中一个最伟大的故事作为我们今年的圣诞音乐剧。《约瑟的神奇彩衣》(Joseph & the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat)叙述了一位勇于做梦的年轻人的故事。这不是一般的梦,而是上帝所赐的梦。一个应许伟大将来的梦想,并且有能力去改变两个国家命运,也就是埃及与以色列。但在任何梦想实现之前,高尚的人格必须被塑造、根深蒂固的信心必须被形成、当中也必少不了努力,最后我们必须顾全大局。梦幻组合安德鲁·劳埃德·韦伯 (Andrew Lloyd Webber) 与蒂姆·莱斯 (Tim Rice) 创作了百听不厌的歌曲,完美的捕捉了约瑟故事里丰富的情绪!您一定会为之着迷的!

我第一次看这部音乐剧是在我还是大学生的时候。当时,它在牛津剧场 (Oxford Playhouse) 上演,而我当下就被它给吸引住了!然而,隐藏在这故事背后是一个愿意并有能力在您人生的低谷与您同在,并把您从低谷中救出。《约瑟的神奇彩衣》音乐剧将会有7天的上演日。大家记得邀请您的家人朋友去观看。我相信无论男女老少都会喜欢这部音乐剧。结束后,不妨邀请他们一起去吃宵夜或去喝茶。问问您未信主的朋友们:“刚刚那部音乐剧您们如何呢?”“您们最喜欢音乐剧里哪个情节呢?”“哪一幕最让您感动呢?”“您们知道这故事其实是摘自于圣经的吗?”“您知道是上帝允许这些事发生在约瑟身上的吗?而这位上帝也同时拯救了他和他的家族吗?”圣经说:这始终如一的上帝仍存在而他们能够透过耶稣得救,请问他们想要认识耶稣吗…这将会是一个好机会,让我们在这圣诞季节里传福音!

恳请大家立即把门票带给身边的人,并使用所收到的电子画报大肆宣传这部音乐剧!无论是透过谈话、社交媒体或WhatsApp… 任何方式都可以!这是一个千载难逢的机会。我们每一个人的心里都住着一个梦,等待着时机绽放出来。这部音乐剧将会让您着迷、让您笑、让您哭,最重要的是它能够让您和您的家人促进感情。这故事承载了我们每一个人的希望!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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