More Than Conquerors 跨越征服者

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.
(Romans 8:37)

Monday morning blues. Most of us have them if we are honest. We awake thinking: is it really necessary for me to get up? Then it hits us that the kids need to go to school, the bills need to be paid. We dress, and go to work out of necessity. Is there a better way to start Monday? There is! When we realise that work is God’s idea, and that it has purpose beyond earning a living. God gave Adam a responsibility to tend the Garden of Eden before sin entered the world (Genesis 2:15). Work was not a result of the fall. It came before the fall. Hence, work is part of God’s original plan to give meaning to our existence. Only after the fall, work became a curse and a toil (Genesis 3:17).

When Jesus came, the Kingdom of God invaded planet earth. Jesus said He had come to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10), not just the lost people but also the systems, values that had been under Satan’s authority. In other words, the Kingdom strikes back! That includes our workplace. When we go to work, the Kingdom of God arrives there too (Luke 10:9). For what reason beyond earning a living? To reach people with God’s love, to impact lives with the Good News, to excel at work because it’s our worship to God, and to influence the systems and values there. He will establish the work of our hands (Psalm 90:17) and prosper us! We are “more than conquerors”.

In Skyline Mandarin today, God is also calling us to trust Him for our future. We don’t know, but He knows. “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). So, don’t seek out mediums and fortune tellers (Leviticus 19:31). They will ensnare you. Live the life of a true son and daughter of God. The life of “more than a conqueror!”

(罗马书 8:37)

抑郁星期一 (Monday Blues) 的早晨。说真的,在我们当中很多都经历过。当我们醒来时便会想:我真的需要醒来吗?然而,现实会提醒我们,孩子需要上学、账单亦需要被缴付。因着种种需要,我们仍拖着身子去梳洗并准备上班去。难道我们就没有更好的方法来开始新的一周吗?有!那就是当我们意识到工作是上帝的主意,并且明白它拥有远超过谋生的意义。在罪还未进入世界之前,上帝给予亚当管理伊甸园的责任(创世记2:15)。工作本身不是沦落的结果。它其实在沦落之前就已经存在了。因此,工作是上帝原本计划中的一部分,以让我们的存在更有意义。只是在人的沦落之后,工作才变为诅咒和劳苦(创世记3:17)。

当耶稣来到时,上帝的国度便进入了世界。耶稣说,祂来是为要寻找,拯救所失丧的(路加福音19:10)。这不单只意味着失丧的人,亦包含了在撒旦权柄之下的系统和价值观。换句话来说,上帝的国度要反击! 这当然包括了我们的职场。当我们去上班时,上帝的国度亦会临近那里(路加福音10:9)。到底是什么远超过谋生的目的呢?那就是以上帝的爱接触人群,还有以上帝的福音影响生命。除此之外,我们也在工作上争取杰出的表现,因这是对上帝的敬拜,并且转化那里的系统和价值观。祂会坚立我们手所做的工(诗篇90:17)并使我们昌盛!我们是“跨越征服者”。


Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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