“…Nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net”
(Luke 5:5 NKJV)

If you are a fisherman, early morning is when you’re most tired. You would have been up all night fishing, and daybreak is when you’d be cleaning your fishing net to hang out to dry, ready to be used again in the evening. All you want now is sleep. And if on top of that, you had fished all night and had caught nothing, then you’d be in an emotional pit as well. That was probably how Simon Peter felt on the shores of the Sea of Galilee that morning. Crestfallen, mournful, and agitated. Until something happened that changed his life and outlook forever.

Along the beach came a rabbi he had heard about. Surrounded by the crowd as He walked, Peter watched as Jesus drew near, and asked to borrow his boat. Push out a bit, Jesus said. Then He sat down and taught the masses from his boat. Finishing, He asked Peter to launch out in the deep and let down his nets for a catch. Immediately all the deep-seated resentment in Peter burst onto the surface. “Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing.” If he had stopped there, nothing would have happened. But despite his vastly superior fisherman’s knowledge, he submitted. “NEVERTHELESS… at your word I will let down the net.” I want you to know today that “nevertheless” is a life-changing word. The catch that day was the biggest of his life. It nearly sank his boat.

Overwhelmed and convicted, Peter cried out to Jesus to depart from him. When we obey God despite our resistance, and miracles break out, we become convicted of our limitations, our pride, and our unworthiness. Peter wanted to run away. But Jesus said stay, and invited him to walk with Him for the rest of His life. No longer would he catch fish, he would now catch men. That’s the power of grace! When we say “Nevertheless”, He will take us deep and we will break out wide, catching souls in abundance.

“尽管如此…依从你的话,我就下网。” (路加福音 5:5)


这时,沿着海边,来了一个他闻名已久的拉比。当耶稣走过时,他都被一群人包围着;彼得看着耶稣向他走近,并向他借用船只。耶稣吩咐到,请把船撑开,稍微离岸。然后耶稣便坐下,从船上教训众人。结束后,耶稣对西门说:把船开到水深之处,并下网打鱼。顿时,彼得埋藏已久的怨气在当下暴发出来:“夫子,我们整夜劳力,并没有打着什么。” 如果彼得只说到那里,那就不会有任何事情发生。但是,既使他拥有多年的捕鱼经验,他最终还是选择了顺服于耶稣。“尽管如此…依从你的话,我就下网。” 今天,我想要让您知道 “尽管如此” 是一个能够改变生命的词语。那天的收获,是他生平里最大最多的一次,多得船都几乎要沉下去了。

事后彼得深感罪恶,他俯伏耶稣膝前,并叫耶稣离开他。当我们选择顺服上帝(尽管我们不愿意或想抵抗),神迹就会发生。我们会发现并承认我们的不足、骄傲和不配。彼得想要逃避。但是耶稣吩咐他留下,并邀请他一生跟随着祂。彼得不再需要捕鱼,乃是要得人。这就是恩典的力量! 当我们愿意说 “尽管如此”,祂就会带领我们扎得更深,扩张我们境界,赢得更多的灵魂。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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