“Nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net..”

Luke 5:5

When Jesus asked Peter to launch his boat out into the deep, and let his nets down for a catch, you could feel Peter’s exasperation. He had already fished all night, and had caught nothing. It was now morning, and the sun was high. Fish don’t surface at such times. Besides, he had spent the morning cleaning his nets, and if he used them again, he would have to clean them again! He was tired, and wanted to go back to his family and get some sleep. Jesus had “borrowed” his boat as a platform to preach to the crowds all morning. Now He wanted Peter to go out to sea again? It was too much! Didn’t Jesus get it? There is NO fish at that time of the day!!

But, despite all his internal objections and reluctance, Peter responded with the words since immortalized in the Bible: “Nevertheless, at YOUR Word, I will let down the nets.” The act changed his life forever. For against his lifelong knowledge of the seas, the nets filled with fish; so big was the catch that the nets were strained to breaking point and he had to call for help. Never in his life had he seen anything like this, against all odds, against all his experience. Immediately he fell at Jesus feet, forsook his boat, and followed his Master.

“Nevertheless” is often a faith word in the Bible. It represents surrender to God’s will. Jesus used it in the Garden of Gethsemane: “Nevertheless, not my will but Yours be done..” (Mark 14:36). This was His cry to God before He faced the unspeakable    horror of the cross. “Nevertheless” means an obedience that over-rides our objections and common sense, as in Peter’s case. “Nevertheless” opens the doors to miracles that can alter the course of our lives forever. For “Nevertheless” never means apathy. It means a decision to act on hearing God. We are called to be a “Nevertheless” church!

“…但依从你的话, 我就下网 。”


当耶稣吩咐彼得把船开到水深之处,下网打鱼,你可感受彼得的懊恼。他已经整夜劳力,并没打着什么。当时已是早上,太阳也已高高升上。在那时段,鱼儿并不会浮面。况且早上已把渔网给清洗,如再次下网,那得要把网再清洗一次。他已疲累,一心只想回家休息。整个早上,耶稣已经 ‘借’了他的船为平台,为众人分享信息。现在,耶稣还要彼得再次出海?太过分了!难道耶稣不懂?在那时段,是根本没鱼的!!

但是,尽管他内心有着百般的不愿意,彼得接下来的回应,成了圣经里一段不朽的记载,”但(然而)依你的话,我就下网。“这个回应,永远改变了他一生。接着发生的事完全推翻了他平生对大海的认知,这回竟然打了满满一网的鱼,甚至渔网都快要被撑裂了,并急需招唤同伴帮忙。他一生从未看过如此的事情,颠覆了或然性,颠覆了他 所有的捕鱼经历。立即,他俯伏耶稣膝前,撇下船,跟从了主耶稣。

“但(然而)”一词,在圣经里经常意表着信心。它代表着对上帝旨意的降伏。耶稣在可西马尼园也如此说:”然而,不要从我的意思,只要从你的意思。“这是当耶 稣要面对残酷的十字架刑法之前,向上帝的哭诉。”然而“意味着顺服,超越我们的理性常识,有如彼得情况。”然而”为神迹开了一扇门,甚至能永远改变我们生命的轨迹。‘然而’从不应该表示消极无奈。而应该是听见上帝后的决定服从 . 我们是被呼召为“然而”之教会。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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