Behold, I am doing a new thing;
Now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
(Isaiah 43:19)

Our eighteenth anniversary is like no other! At eighteen, a youth is legally an adult, ready to strike out a new path to a new horizon of fresh dreams. Parents or guardians may watch with a tinge of anxiety. Will they make the right choice? Have they got what it takes to succeed? What will tomorrow look like? When older members of the NOW generation glimpse what is coming NEXT and how an even later NEW generation may think, some may cringe. Others may object, preferring the old, safe and known ways.

Let me lovingly encourage us to think NEW! Why? Because God is doing a NEW thing! He says it is already “springing forth”! Which means He has been already doing it for a while! Open our eyes. All around us is the evidence; new property, new plans, new priorities, new perspectives. We are in an exciting transition! Today, we sow into a NEW tomorrow. We surrender to God our old dreams. We give cheerfully, sacrificially and gloriously so that the NOW may empower the NEXT to raise the NEW for His glory!

(以赛亚书 43:19)

我们的十八周年庆典是与众不同的! 在十八岁这个年龄,一位青年已算是合法的成年人,正准备迈向充满憧憬的新道路。对于父母或监护人来说,他们可能会带着少许焦虑在一旁观察着。他们是否能做出正确的选择呢?他们是否已经掌握成功的要决呢?明天将会是怎么样呢?当世代的旧会友看着一代如何崛起,然后再了解世代如何去思考,他们难免会觉得很难接受。有些人可能会反对,觉得旧的、安全和熟悉的方法会比较好。


Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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