I used to have “butterflies in my stomach” about AGD. Not just about the faith target but also about how the morning would go. This last AGD was different. I felt God say “leave it to Me”! And so for me it was the best AGD ever!

Here are five reasons why. The first is that we had our biggest attendance: more than 1200 people including children came. A great turnout! Secondly the whole celebration service was outstanding. The Worship team (now known as Creative) was stellar. Supporting teams were awesome. The media clip was crisp and sweet. The orchestra performed admirably. The skit was fun! Time keeping was perfect and the emceeing in two languages went really well. So organizationally it couldn’t have gone better!

The third reason? There was so much joy in the atmosphere. Even when I announced a figure that fell far short of our expected target, the wild celebration that followed felt more like one where we had exceeded our goal! Unbelievable! You are an amazing church Skyline! The joy was in that we GAVE and we GAVE CHEERFULLY, SACRFICIALLY and TOGETHER! That was what AGD is all about!

Fourthly, a spirit of generosity flowed. As a church, we gave something to everyone who came. “Slingshots” is a special book compiled from the best of bulletin postings over 17 years of our journey together in Skyline. So, we gave something that is part of us. Visitors had an extra gift too. Lunch was on the house. Everyone was blessed!

But it’s the fifth reason that gets me. Each AGD we have closed with a giving that is only slightly short of our faith target and “top up” in successive months have been a yawn. This year we are well short! Now, here comes the good and the great news. The good news is that we are more than halfway there! The great news is that these next two months is now an exciting journey of faith! The focus is never on our target. The focus is on God who leads us to give, and who provides exceedingly abundantly beyond all we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). So keep our eyes fixed on Him!

每当教会的周年庆典来临时,我都感到加倍紧张;不只是因为我们的信心奉献目标,也为了当天早上一切的流程而担忧。然而今年的周年庆典比历年的有点不一样,我仿佛感受到上帝对我说,“把一切都交给我吧!”所以,对我而言,今年是最棒的周年庆典 。


那么第三个原因呢?那就是当天的气氛充满了喜乐。就算那天我宣布了一个远比我们信心目标来的低的奉献总额,当时的欢呼喝彩反倒让我觉得我们已远远超越了信心目标的数目!真是难以置信啊!Skyline, 你真的是一个非常棒的教会!那种喜乐乃来自于我们欢喜地、毫无怨言地、并且同心地给予奉献。这正正是周年庆典的真正意义!


但真正触动到我的,是第五个原因。历年来的周年庆典, 我们在庆典当天所得的奉献总额往往都是比当年的所定下的信心奉献目标距离只差那么一点点,并在接下来的日子里毫无费力地达到目标。然而,今年的奉献总额比信心目标差的可远呢!接下来,我要告诉你一个好消息和一个更好的消息。好消息就是,我们已超越了信心目标的一半!更好的消息是,接下来的两个月将会是一个非常刺激的信心的旅程!重点从来都不是在于我们的信心奉献目标的数额。我们的焦点应该放在上帝身上,因为是祂带领我们去奉献,也是祂成就了那远超过我们所求所想的一切事(以弗所书3:20)。所以,把我们的眼光都注视在祂身上吧!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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