Peter was kept in prison, but constant prayer was
offered to God for him by the church.
Acts 12:5

GE-14 is over. A new government has been in power since May. Extremist remarks that filled our newspapers are now a thing of the past. The politics of corruption, racism and religious extremism have been thrown out. The misdeeds of the previous government are being exposed daily. We have transited peacefully from a party that ruled for over 60 years. Not a drop of blood has been spilled. There has been no violence. We can sit back and relax now right? Wrong! Open your eyes and see…

There are other sinister forces at work. Three state assemblymen, two from PKR and one from DAP, have died in the last 30 days; the former two of illnesses and the latter of a road accident. Coincidence? Maybe. But I don’t think so. There are forces of darkness at work in our land. We know that some high-level politicians in the previous government consulted bomoh’s regularly. The witchdoctors are still active today. So it is more urgent than ever we pray! Why?

Because the present government is vulnerable. The coalition today is held together largely by one man: Tun Mahathir, he is the glue that holds disparate parties together in the coalition government. He dies,and the coalition will fracture. It is as vulnerable as that! Guess whom the forces of darkness are targeting? That’s why our prayers in these forty days are vital to see the nation through. The early church prayed focused, persistent, united prayer, and changed the course of history. King Herod was struck down suddenly and died. Peter was miraculously set free from prison. The gospel thrived. The church grew (Acts 12: 23-24). Together our prayers can shape the nation!



其实,还有其他的恶势力仍然在运作中。在过去的1个月里,总共有3名州议员离开人世:当中2名公正党 (PKR) 的党员因疾病而逝世,剩下的1名民主行动党(DAP)的党员则因车祸而丧命。巧合?可能是吧。但我并不这么认为。一股黑暗的势力正在我们的国家当中运作着。我们也知道有好些前朝政府的高级官员常常去寻求巫师的协助,可见今时今日巫师仍旧非常活跃。因此,我们齐心祷告的重要性显得更加的急切。这是为什么呢?


Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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