Praying For The Rally

A time of awakening is near. On September 15-16, Ps. Philip Mantofa’s Evangelistic Rally will take place at the Penampang Stadium from 7.00pm-10.00pm. The organisers are expecting around 15,000 people to come each night. Buses, cars and vans will transport our brothers and sisters from the interior to Kota Kinabalu. It has been a long time since a similar rally of this nature has been organised, and the time is surely ripe for the interior churches to be revived! Ps. Philip Mantofa himself is a passionate evangelist from Surabaya, who carries an anointing to shake believers out of nominalism into a radical commitment to Christ. He will be speaking in Bahasa Malaysia only, which is what is needed in this season.
I have sensed for a long time now that revival and discipleship are vital to strengthen the SIB churches in the interior. The pressure our brethren face will increase in the coming years. The lure of the world, money and politics, incentives from other religions, the challenges of inflation and also poverty are areas that will test them. We must stand with them, support them, pray for them and help in whatever way we can. Thank you for some of you who have already given so generously towards the rally in cash and kind. As a church, we are also standing by to help in any way we can. Funds for food, accommodation and transport are vital. As we wait, be ready to help, to fast and pray!
How do we pray? I would like us together to use the Lord’s Prayer for the Rally. This is the only recorded prayer that Jesus taught His disciples. It is powerful because it covers everything we need, and because we are praying God’s words back to Him! We address our “Daddy” in heaven in the midst of all our needs, we pray that His Kingdom come on September 15-16, and that His will be done. No rain. That in this season, transgressions are forgiven, and thousands will be delivered from the evil one. And may He be lifted up and glorified! Ready to join me?

醒觉的时刻已来临。Philip Mantofa 福音聚会将于9月15-16日晚上7时至10时在兵南邦体育馆进行。主办当局预算每晚将会有高达1万5千的人数。我们内陆地区的主内弟兄姐妹将随汽车和公车浩浩荡荡地来到参与此盛会。我们的确久违了如此规模和性质的福音聚会,且内陆区教会复兴的时机现在已成熟兴起了!Philip Mantofa 牧师来自印尼泗水,是一位充满热诚的宣教士。他充满恩膏,激励并转化许多唯名论信徒成为火热委身于耶稣的真基督徒。此次以马来语主导进行的福音聚会,就正正就是我们所需的!


我们该如何祷告呢? 我希望大家一起使用主祷文来为这群体福音聚会代祷。这是在经文唯一记载耶稣教导祂门徒的祷告文,是非常有能力的,因为它概括了我们所需,也因为我们以神的话来回应祂!我们在祈求当中称呼天父为“阿爸”。我们一起祷告,愿祂的国度在9月15-16日降临,愿祂的旨意行在地上。当天不会落雨水。在这季节,错误将被饶恕,千万人民会从邪恶当中被拯救。让祂被高举和荣耀!你准备好参与我的行列了吗?

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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