Skyline is blessed to have some of the best preachers and teachers coming to visit and minister to us. Here are some upcoming services with visiting speakers.




Peter Tan-Chi is the founder and senior pastor of the 40 000 member Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF). It has over 30 satellite churches throughout the Philippines and has also expanded its borders to other parts of the world.

Peter is passionate about the importance of discipleship at home and in the work place. He regularly conducts seminars on marriage and parenting, and on growing healthy churches.

He is a self-supporting pastor, being the Founder and Chairman of Axeia Development Corporation, one of the leading mass housing and subdivision developers. He also founded The Master’s Academy—the first home school program to be accredited by the Department of Education in the Philippines.

He has been married to Deonna for 40 years, they have been blessed with five children who are all happily married and serving the Lord as well. They have been blessed with ten grandchildren.

Dr. Fred Toke, PsyD, is the Clinical Director of Celebrating Life Resource Centre, a Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic based in Singapore. He is a former adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Bible College and is a guest lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sabah’s Faculty of Medicine. Dr.Fred Toke is the current Vice president of Leaderlabs Inc, a training and leadership development organization, with its HQ located in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA. He regularly conducts leadership and corporate training for universities, community leaders and other Multi National Corporations in Asia Pacific, UK, Australia and USA. He was a nominee for the Singapore’s Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2009 and a recipient of the Asia-Pacific Brands Award in 2011. In June 2016, he gave a presentation on “Winning Over Worries (WOW)”at a TEDx Conference in Penang, Malaysia

Rev Dr Naomi Dowdy is widely recognised as a global leader for apostolic strategies, and the implementation of God’s purposes in the 21st Century. Her passion is to see the Great Commission realised, and she travels extensively to the nations, mentoring and equipping pastors, leaders and churches to fulfil their calling and destiny in God.

Rev Dowdy has a mandate to rebuild and restore the understanding of the 5-fold gifts within the church and the marketplace. She believes that the restoration and setting in of apostles and prophets will significantly impact and alter the current governance of churches, cities and nations.

Through the platforms of apostolic-prophetic schools, conferences, summits and covenant relationships, Apostle Dowdy brings vision, encouragement, empowerment, and counsel, as leaders learn the foundational principles of the apostolic-prophetic ministry. She mentors leaders on how to serve and build up those under their covering, how to flow together with the rest of the 5-fold gifts, as well as the importance of character, integrity, family life and accountable relationships.