Raining Day And Night早晚都在下雨

Look up at the ceiling this morning, and you will see stains and holes, the result of over a week of almost continuous rain dripping through the leaky roof of Sutera Harbour. One night, as multiple streams came through the ceiling of the Help Desk area, our office manager Elizabeth had to heroically came back to change buckets to stop that corner of the sanctuary from flooding! If some parts of the sanctuary feel a bit damp this morning, be thankful it is not wet! These are the results of the tail winds of the super typhoon blowing across the Philippines towards Japan. Last week as it began to blow near southern Taiwan, it cast the island in a swirl of cloud deluging it with rain and blocking out the sun for the four days we were there!
In the days of Noah when it rained forty days and night, life was obliterated. Rains can be a sign of judgement. When rains caused the river Kishon to overflow its banks and trap the wheels of the Syrian chariots, causing them to be defeated by Israel (Judges 4:16, 5:21), it was a sign of judgement of the enemy but deliverance for God’s people. The point that scripture makes is that whatever the weather, the Lord is in control, and can use it for His purpose. When the storm threatened to obliterate the boat, Jesus was in with His disciples, He stilled it (Mark 4:39), and they were able to safely cross over to reach the Gadarene demoniac.
Sometimes, storms will not subside. Even then, God can use it for good. It wrecked the ship the apostle Paul was sailing in, and destroyed everything except the crew and people on board. But out of it, the people of the island of Malta heard the good news (Acts 27-28), and Paul eventually reached Rome safely. So, in the midst of the destructive effects of rains this past week, what is God saying? I believe it is to tell us not to fear. What is negative in our nation will be positive for the church. What is judgement on the enemy is blessing for His people. There may be losses but ultimately, we will gain! Look for the blessings in the rain, for surely God is in it.
今天早上当您一抬头望上大堂天花板,到处都能发现水迹和破洞,它们是由这几天内连绵不断的抬风大雨,水滴穿了Sutera Harbour(丝绸港)的屋檐所留下的。某个晚上, 多处漏洞让雨水流入天花板、从 Help Desk 破洞滴下。我们的同工经理 Elizabeth 英勇地到教堂来, 更换水桶以便阻止大堂淹水! 若是今早大堂的地板仍感觉有些潮湿, 那已经是很不错,要感恩了!这都是因超级台风由菲律宾吹向日本之风尾所致的。上个星期开始吹向台湾南部,岛上乌云密布, 洪水泛滥,我们在台湾待了4天,不见天日!

诺亚时期,下了四十昼夜的连绵大雨, 生命被湮没。雨水可以是神的审判的一种表征。突如其来的大雨造成基顺古河 (Kishon River) 洪水泛滥,把亚兰人马封闭,最终被以色列人打败 (士师记 4:16, 5:21)。那意表着神审判敌人, 解救了祂的选民。圣经中强调,不论天气如何, 一切都在神的掌控之中, 为祂使用来达成祂的旨意。当暴风危急到耶稣和门徒在船上的生命时, 祂将暴风大大地平静了 (马克福音 4:39), 安全抵达了海那边格拉森人的地方。

有的时候, 暴风雨看起来一直不停止,然而神依然能使用它达到了更美好的计划。狂风巨浪摧毁了使徒保罗的船和一切, 只有船员和乘客幸存。但福音却因此传到了米利大岛 (使徒新传 27-28) 而保罗最终也安全抵达罗马。所以在过去一星期的倾盆大雨中, 神启示了什么? 我相信是叫我们不要畏惧。国家出现弊端,将是教会为主转化国家的良机。神对敌人的审判,终将是主内儿女的祝福。或许会有许多损失,但最终我们将有大大的收获! 让我们在雨中寻找祝福吧, 因神就在其中!

Ps Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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