Rejecting Extremism 拒绝极端主义

Here we go again. Racist verbiage and mindless chant. I thought that was the mark of the UMNO era. It seems to be gaining traction in the Harapan era as well. What are we to make of the recent “Ketuanan Melayu” congress? The world has rejected apartheid. We seem to want to return to it. History tells us many races built this nation together; we are together called Malaysians. Yet some want to rewrite history as largely the achievement of one particular race. Malaysians born here, whose ancestors have lived here for generations, and who have no other home, are labelled “migrants”. We tell the world we are a harmonious blend of cultures, races, and religions. That’s eyewash only for the gullible tourists and visitors. Beneath the veneer, a cacophony of demands are rising that only one race and one religion stands supreme.

We must never give in to extremism. Sabah and Sarawak are the deal breakers. How we vote in the coming days will determine the fate of our nation. I believe God has raised these two states to model racial harmony and religious tolerance while the rest of Malaysia wrestles with extremist elements. Today, we have two outstanding chief ministers who value moderation and reject racism. All races have learned to live together here. We eat together and even intermarry. Extremist religious parties have more often than not lost their electoral deposits here. We should continue to reject them, and give no room for such racist imports. This is a nation under a secular constitution, not an Islamic one. Now we must rise up to pray.

Last month, an open gathering of 50,000 Christians took place in Kuching to hear the gospel preached, to pray for revival, and for our nation. Two years ago, over 35,000 gathered in Penampang stadium for something similar. All races were present. God is calling us to rise up, and not leave anything to chance. If we don’t stand in the gap, the Enemy will slip in and wreak havoc. It must not happen again! Starting now into 2020, Skyline WILL pray at dawn fortnightly for our nation! Don’t miss out. Join us for CP6!



上个月在古晋举办的一个福音公开聚会一共有5万名基督徒出席聆听上帝的福音,为着复兴和国家来祷告。两年前,超过3.5万人亦为了同样的目的在兵南邦体育馆聚集起来。当时,所有的友族同胞都出席了。上帝在呼召我们兴起并坚持不把一切视为理所当然,我们必须有所准备!如果我们不坚守在岗位里,那么敌人就会趁虚而入并造成巨大的伤害。此事万万不能再发生啊!从现在开始直到2020年,每两星期一次的清晨祷告会,Skyline都将会为我们的国家祷告!千万别错过。一起参与我们的CP6 – 清晨6点祷告会吧!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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