We have the privilege of having the Rhema Bible Training School once a month right here in Skyline. Running on a Thursday and Frida night and a full day on Saturday, students have the opportunity to study units that will count towards a Diploma. Come and join us for the next module and see your faith grow as you grow in Word and in Spirit!



RHEMA 2017


Course Description: 
This course is designed to show the importance of prayer as a necessary way of life for every believer.
On completion of this subject, students will know:
1. The purpose and importance of prayer
2. The different kinds of prayer
3. How the different kinds of prayer function
4. How to participate with the Holy Ghost in prayer


25th May: 7.30pm  -  10.00pm  
26th Mayt: 7.30pm  -  10.00pm  
27th May: 8.30am  -  4.30pm


Contact the church office to sign up now!


For more info, download the brochure here & the application form