Still Overflowing?

The rains have continued unabated this past week, except for the two mornings we prayed for good weather during our dawn prayer. When we declared this to be the Year of the Overflowing Life, we didn’t quite mean floodwaters with overfilled monsoon drains! But somehow the Lord spoke into my spirit that the outpouring of the past few days is a sign from Him that He will continue to flood our lives and this church, despite all the negative sentiments about the economy. This has been a year where past pledges made by politicians have come back to haunt them. Promises that GST wouldn’t cause hardship to the poor have become empty talk. Business confidence and consumer spending have taken hits. Hardship in the villages has worsened. But are His promises still “yes” and “amen”? Is this still the overflowing year?

I said before that by God’s grace, we are living in the land of Goshen, where despite Egypt being plagued by economic challenges, the people of God still prosper. As God has given us this promise, we live it out as our inheritance. How do we do that? By removing from us a poverty mindset, by believing in a God who not just supplies, but over-supplies, and believing that our God is able to “make all things abound towards us, so that we, having all sufficiency in all things, may have abundance for every good work” (2 Cor 9:8). And so this church has learned to tithe under grace and to give from gratitude. What an incredible half-year it has been! To date, despite the slowdown, the total giving and pledges for this year’s Anniversary Gift Day has exceeded two million towards a faith target of RM2.3 million! In one day! How is it there is no recession?

And now as we plan towards 2018, we know God has continued to promise us His presence. These weeks of dawn prayer have already seen many miracles happen. People have closed deals for properties, got new jobs and raises, found lost keys and documents, got healed, seen turnarounds at work, seen even the weather hold back as a result of dawn prayer. Don’t miss out on this miracle window of forty days. Join us again tomorrow as we enter our third week of corporate prayer and fasting. Hear from the Lord, be blessed in your spirit and receive your miracle!

倾盆大雨已开始在我们祷告好天气后这两个早晨停止了。当我们宣告这满溢之年时, 我们没有淹水及满溢季风排水的意思! 但神在前几天的倾盆大雨时对我属灵说,是祂给我们的提示,尽管在这负面悲哀的经济情况之下,他依然会继续以灵充满我们的生命和教会。政治家也恐怕实现不了一年前的承诺。政府对 GST 不会影响贫苦人群都全是纸上谈兵。生意信心和消费者的开支已打入低估。村民的困苦一直恶化。但,祂说在基督都是“是的“,所以藉着祂也都是“实在的”? 还是一个满溢生命之年吗?


我曾经说过依靠神的恩典, 我们在这歌珊地, 尽管埃及在面临着经济挑战,我们在主里的依然旺盛。神已给予我们这承诺,所以我们应当活出这遗传。如何呢? 去除我们对贫乏的想法、相信我们有位不仅会供应且还会供应超越我们所需的神、相信神的大能使我们在“凡事常常充足,能行各样善事。”【哥林多后书 9:8】因此在这教会,我们学习奉献的恩典和以感恩的心布施。真是过了奇妙的大半年呀! 直到如今,虽然已舒缓了一些,周年庆典的承诺与奉献已经达到超越 200万,逐渐迈向奉献目标230万! 仅在一天内! 要如何不后退啊?



Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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