The Bumblebee Paradox 大黄蜂悖论

And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind that you may prove what is that good ad acceptable and perfect will of God.
(Romans 12:2)

The laws of aerodynamics say that the bumblebee shouldn’t fly. According to the laws of physics, it does not have the right body shape, wing size, or the number of wing-beats per second to carry its body weight. But the bumblebee doesn’t know these laws so it just keeps flying around! Confucius he says: people who say something can’t be done should get out of the way of people doing it! What are your mental barriers this year?

Is it the fear of sharing the gospel with your family or friends? Is it a failure rooted in the past? In relationships? In finance? In business? In exams, or in some skills? Past failures shape our mindset. We think something cannot be done because we have failed before. Or if someone we respect tells us it is impossible. Well, I have news for you this year. God says to us: renew your mind! Don’t let the world mould you. Go deeper. Go wider! The world measures situations physically. We look at them spiritually. We must first ask: “What is God saying?” Is He asking me to go deeper? Go wider?

When Jesus went to Jairus’ house and told the crowd gathered that the girl was not dead but asleep, they laughed at him! Doctor Luke said: they knew she was dead (Luke 8:53). Who’s right? Those who walk in the seen, or those who hear God and walk in the unseen? Going deep is about abiding in Him, hearing Him and feeling His power and love flow through us. Going wide is simple obedience; executing the things He tells us to do. Jesus put the crowd outside. And said to the little girl: “Arise.” No cynic saw the miracle. Only those who believed: Peter, James and John, and the girl’s parents. Which group would you rather be in? Go deep and wide this year. Feel His presence. Experience His power in your breakthroughs!

(罗马书12: 2)


是不是与您家人或朋友分享福音是所带来的惧怕感呢? 还是一段埋藏于过往的失败呢? 又或是在关系上? 在经济上? 是生意上吗? 还是在考试或某些技巧上?过去的失败会塑造我们的心态。我们觉得某些是不能完成是因为我们曾经失败过。又或者是我们所尊敬的某人告诉我们这是不可能的。但是,今年我有个消息要告诉您们。上帝向我们说:更新您的想法! 别让这世界去塑造您。深扎祂的真理,扩张您的境界!这世界是按自然规律去衡量情况的。我们则应以属灵的眼光看待每件事。首先,我们要问:“上帝在说什么呢?” 祂是否在吩咐我们要更深、更广的去思考呢?

当耶稣进入睚鲁的家时并告诉在那聚集的群众说,那女子不是死了,而是睡着了,他们都讥笑耶稣!医生路加说:他们清楚晓得那女儿已经死了(路加福音8:53)。究竟谁才是对的呢? 是那些行在可看见的,还是那些听见上帝并行在看不见的? 深扎真理就是常与上帝同在;聆听祂的声音并感受到上帝的爱和大能在从我们流露出来。扩张境界就是顺服;执行祂所吩咐我们要做的事。耶稣吩咐群众在外等候,然后向那小女孩说:“起来吧。” 那些心存怀疑的人都没能看见此神迹。只有那些相信的人:彼得,雅各,约翰和那女孩的父母。您宁愿属于哪一组人呢? 在今年里,让我们深扎真理,扩张境界。让我们感受上帝的同在。在您的突破里,经历上帝的大能。

Pr Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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