“Wrinkles are hereditary. Parents get them from their children”. Doris Day, Actress

Today we continue the series on the Family in Skyline as part of our theme on the New Community. We are covering the area of “Relations” these two months. In the English congregation we will be talking about Godly Parenting (Brother Philip Koh) and in the Mandarin congregation, Pastor Jonathan Loh will share with us from his life in the area of Godly Courtship. Why are we covering these areas? Because God has shown us that they are needy areas for us to build a strong family in Skyline. A strong church is one where the families are strong. Biblical family values are under attack today.

The modern challenge of parenting is one of time, values, relationship and consistency beyond all the other forces that are trying to claim the attention and loyalty of our children. Technology has made society move faster. It has not given us more time, but less. It has invaded the space where traditionally parents relate to their kids. Children are now more digitally distracted than ever before, and parents allow the forces of the world to shape their kids’ minds and hearts. We must intentionally reclaim the time. Make time to relate, to do things with them, to share our values. We need to be there to explain why some of the values espoused by the world are wrong, and to make our time with them – a true rival to their time on their mobiles. You can see how it all hangs together: time allows relationship to be formed which allows values to be passed down to our children which allows spiritual consistency to fill our parent-child relationship!

What about godly courtship? The pressures in the modern world are so real. The whole trust of courtship is replaced by “dating” these days which carries less of the idea of commitment towards marriage, and more of a “try-out-and-see” attitude. What are the pressures? What commitment means to each other while “dating” is one. The areas of communication, mutual family respect without interference, financial stability and sexual purity are others. As we learn what God’s word says, we seek to honour Him first as we learn to love each other! Be blessed as you worship with us today.

“皱纹是有遗传的。父母的皱纹是由儿女而来的” – 桃乐丝黛,女演员

今天,我们会继续 “Skyline家庭”的系列讲道,这也是我们今年”新造的群体”这个主题下重要的一环。这两个月, 我们会概括有关 “感情关系” 方面的证道。在英文堂,高国雄(Philip Koh)弟兄将为我们讲述”敬虔的育儿” 之道;在中文堂,罗伯寿牧师(Ps Jonathan Loh)会为我们分享”敬虔的恋爱”。为什么我们要探讨这些话题呢? 因为神启示了我们这些范围对建立一个强健的家庭来说攸关紧要, 而一个强健的教会是建立在众多强健的家庭之上。现今,合符圣经的价值观正受到猛烈的冲击。



Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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