The Changing Skyline 转变中的Skyline

Put on your new nature and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like Him. In this new life… Christ is all that matters, and He lives in all of us.
(Colossians 3:10-11)

The skyline of KK is changing. Signal Hill is covered with condos. The old port area will have a new convention center together with a hotel. Two seventy-floor condominiums are being built along Jalan Lintas. New hotels are coming up in the city. New flyovers are easing congestion… it’s a quick drive to the airport now from my home. Even the Putrajaya–1 Borneo axis has a different skyline now. Abandoned projects like Asia City are in the rescue phase. Good signs. Tourists are still flocking into Sabah. The city is lighting up at night with more seafood and bak kut teh restaurants opening up. The city skyline is changing indeed. But is Skyline changing to meet the future?

This is the question we have to ask ourselves as we enter 2020. At the beginning of the millennium, I remember Tun Mahathir outlining a 2020 vision for our nation. We aimed to be a fully industrialized nation with manufacturing and high-tech companies competing with the rest of the world by 2020. Are we there yet? Sadly no. We’re still a commodity-based nation mired in race and religion, and impaired by past corruption. Vision itself won’t change things. Execution and innovation will.

What must change in Skyline? Going black was the easiest thing to do. Raising a new generation of pastors and leaders is something we have been doing for the past six years. Reconfiguring Sunday sermon-length, ministries, digital image, social media content, and deliberately seeking to reach out to millennials and Gen Z’ers are things we are seeking to do well. In the future, younger pastors and leaders will chart the direction and priorities of the church. The skyline in KK is changing. The spiritual skyline in Skyline is also changing! God is doing a new thing (Isaiah 43:19)!

穿上了新人。这新人在知识上渐渐更新,正如造他主的形象… 惟有基督是包括一切,又住在各人之内。
(歌罗西书 3:10-11)

亚庇的轮廓正在改变。高级公已覆盖着整座升旗山 (Signal Hill) 。旧码头区也将会有新的会展中心与酒店。沿着丽达路 (Jalan Lintas),两栋70层高的高级公寓正在动工。许多新的酒店也逐渐在市区里兴起,新建的通车天桥亦舒缓了交通拥挤的情况…如今从我家很快就可以到达国际机场了。甚至沿着小布城 (Putrajaya) 和婆罗洲商城 (One Borneo) 的地区也有了新的轮廓。在亚洲城 (Asia City) 被遗弃的发展项目也得到了挽救。实在是个好征兆啊! 游客仍不断的涌进沙巴。新开的海鲜餐馆和肉骨茶店更是点燃了亚庇市的夜晚。的确,城市的轮廓正在经历着改变。但是,Skyline教会是否也正改变以应对未来呢?


到底Skyline需要有什么样的改变呢?迈向黑色是最容易办的事。在过去的6年,我们亦不断兴起发掘新一代的牧者和领袖。重新设置星期日崇拜的证道时段、事工、数码图像、社交媒体的内容、寻找方案接触千禧世代和Z世代,这些都是我们尝试要做到最好的事。在未来的日子里,年轻的牧师和领袖将制定教会的方向和优先事项。亚庇的轮廓正在改变。Skyline 的属灵氛围也要正在改变!上帝要在我们当中做一件新事 (以赛亚书43:19) 。

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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