Once while staying at a hotel in Singapore, I noticed a boutique tailor outlet in the lobby that tailor-made suits in twenty-four hours. I was then ministering at a business conference in my rather oversized and dated outfit, so I decided to walk in to chance a quick suit. The owner was an Indian gentleman who spoke crisp flawless English and helped me choose a suitable fabric. He took my measurements, fitted me out the next morning, and handed me my new suit that same evening. It fitted perfectly!

As I was leaving, I noticed another suit hanging, awaiting collection. It looked uneven and had different sleeve lengths, with one shoulder-pad more puffed up than the other. The front of the jacket looked asymmetrical… “Who,” I asked in amazement, “was the suit for?” Apparently it was for a gentleman who had a curved spine and a severe stoop. His legs had been partially crippled by polio and so, were of different lengths. But his daughter was getting married and this was the suit he would be wearing to walk her down the aisle! I looked again, this time awe-struck, to gaze at the amazing outfit. Instinctively, I knew it would be a perfect fit on that day!

Grace is such a suit. It weaves itself over all our past, present and future spiritual deformities and removes every trace of sin. The blood of Jesus covers our hideous self and suits us up in a new garment of righteousness. That’s why the apostle Paul, one of the haters and persecutors of the early church could cry out: “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me; the life I now live, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave Himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). Grace is a person. His name is Jesus. And when we meet Him, our lives will be transformed just as Paul’s was (Acts 9). Grace is God’s perfect fit for our deformed lives.

(Extracted and edited from Ps Philip’s upcoming new book, Slingshots)


当我离开的时候,我发现了店铺里挂着另一件西装,等待领取。它看起来长短不一,修长不同,肩垫一厚一薄。外套从前面看起来更是不对称… “是谁,” 我惊奇的问道,
“这西装是谁的?” 它原来是属于一位脊椎扭曲、严重驼背的男士。他的双脚因小儿麻痹症而导致长短不一。由于女儿即将结婚了,那件外套是要穿来陪同女儿行走红地毯的!我再看一眼,感到十分赞叹,凝视着那奇妙的服装。凭着直觉,我知道它将会成为当最天完美合身的衣裳!

恩典是就好比一套如此的服装。它一针一线紧贴地遮盖了着我们的过去、现在和未来属灵上的残疾,并挪去我们过去的罪恶。耶稣基督的宝血覆盖了我们丑恶的自我,为我们穿上公义的新衣裳。因此,使徒保罗,曾是与厌恶及迫害早期教会一伙为伍的, 能呼唤道:“我已经与基督同钉十字架,现在活着的不再是我, 乃是基督在我里面活着;并且我如今在肉身活着,是因信神的儿子而活;他是爱我, 为我舍己“ (加拉太书 2:20)。恩典是一位人。他的名叫作耶稣。当我们在生命中与他相遇, 我们的生命将会被转变,就像保罗的生命一样 (使徒行传 9)。恩典是上帝给我们破碎生命最完美合身的衣裳。

(摘自Philip Lyn医生牧师即将面世的著作,Slingshots)

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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