Last week, Australia voted to allow gay marriages. It will be a matter of time before it becomes law as has been the trend in most Western countries. While in our country, such a scenario is unlikely, gay marriage is already legal in Taiwan, and maybe one day, become acceptable in many East Asian countries including Singapore. The next generation has been serially bombarded: it is a lifestyle choice and any restrictions we place over others in their choice is oppressive. What are the real issues here? Should we go with the flow and give up, or “hold on”?
As Christians, we should allow anyone to express their views and choose the lifestyle they want. Conversely, they should also allow our views to be heard. We should state that the Bible does not support gay lifestyle or marriage, while loving all people whether gay or straight. Beyond that, we should lovingly point out that a gay lifestyle is biologically a self-contradiction; this cannot be the way we are meant to function even though medical technology now has the means of providing children through surrogacy. Furthermore, to fundamentally reconstruct the very fabric of society that has existed on the basis of heterosexual marriage for thousands of years is dangerous! We have no means of knowing the future consequences.
Why has all this come about in the West? It is because the very fabric of society is breaking down. More than 50% of marriages now end in divorce, co-habiting is now recognized legally for tax and child benefit purposes in the West, and most people have many “partners” openly in society. Even Heads of State live this lifestyle. What more do we expect common people to do? Ultimately, the decay of the family means that children suffer the trauma silently. It spawns new generations that grow up hurt, angry or confused, and unless healed by God’s love, many grow up to repeat the mistakes of their fathers. As a church, we must look to strengthening families again!

上个星期, 澳洲政府已表决通过同性婚姻。同性婚姻已逐渐成为西方国家的主流,早晚必定会在法律上相应。然而,这种情况不太可能在我国发生。但,台湾也已通过同性婚姻,或许有一天其他东亚国家(包括新加坡)也会陆续通过同性婚姻议案。我们的下一代不断地被灌输,这只是一种生活方式。若在他人选择的生活方式施与善意的约束却被视为“压迫”。归根究底,问题到底在那里? 我们应该随遇而安的放弃,还是”坚持立场”呢?

身为基督徒,我们应该让他人有表达及选择他们自己生活方式的自由。相反地, 他们也应该聆听我们的看法。我们应该说明圣经是不支持同性生活和婚姻的, 但我们都会关爱着所有的人, 无论是异性或是同性恋者。 除此之外,我们应该以关爱指引出,同性恋的生活本在生物学角度上是个自相矛盾的。尽管现在医疗科技技术发达,可以通过代孕来繁衍下一代, 但这本就不应该是我们的意向。再说, 要重建一个在数千年来已有异性婚姻存在的的社会结构更是非常危险的!我们并没办法预测到未来的后果。

为什么这一切都出现在西方国家呢? 由于西方的社会结构正在倒塌,有超过50%的婚姻都以离婚收场、同居伴侣也可以得到税务及儿童福利。许多人都公开承认自己拥有多个”伴侣”。甚至是他们的国家领导人都在过着如此的生活。那您还会对普通的人民有所期盼吗? 最终,家庭的腐朽最终意味孩子们都在默默承受着创伤。它衍生出来的下一代, 长大后都在痛恨,困惑中成长, 除非他们有神的爱来医治,许多人都会重犯上一代的错误。 作为一间教会的我们应当再次重视、巩固家庭!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师


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