Last week, we surpassed the Anniversary Gift Day target of RM 2.3 million three days before the final day of October 31. There is so much to thank the Lord for! We have all walked this faith journey together since the end of July, when in one   morning we gave a preliminary offering of just under two million. We cheered and whooped with delight then! We celebrate even more now! Thank you for giving to the Lord! Thank you for fulfilling all your pledges! Thank you for the heart of generosity that has given over, and above the faith target we set ourselves! Your giving has been deeply sacrificial and cheerfully contagious. We are truly a generous people!

What have we learnt on this journey? We have learned to trust the One, who is our over-supplier, to put our faith in the God, who gives us the ability to gain wealth and to claim the promises of the Son of God, who became poor for our sakes that we might become rich! He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can ask or think. And the promises of God to us are YES! in Him and in Him, AMEN! All this in the midst of a dull and darkening economy in our nation. Where challenges abound for so many, we have chosen to trust God and bless His Kingdom first!   Because we believe we dwell in the land of Goshen, not Egypt.

It has been a privilege to pastor such an awesome, loving, and giving church. Yes, I am talking about you! Already all the money designated has gone out to mission agencies, to churches facing persecution, to ministries rescuing oppressed and needy people, to the poor, to gospel organisations and to SIB Sabah to support their bible schools, evangelists, pastors and even the printing of the AVB Al-Kitab. The other part has been designated for the future generations in our NextGen Auditorium, so that our future generations can take Skyline even higher and further for His glory! I trust you are excited! For in this season of partnering with God, we shall overflow and grow!


上个星期, 我们在周年庆典的信心奉献的总额在期限结束(10月31日)前三天已成功超越了RM230万的目标。 真是非常地感谢主! 在七月底的周年庆典当日,我们一同走入了初步的信心奉献旅程,奉献数额也就已差不多达到了RM200万。我们那时一同欢呼、喜乐地跳跃! 现在,我们更加应该大大地欢庆! 感谢您, 奉献予主! 感谢您都圆满兑现了承诺的目标! 感谢你们每一位慷慨施与的心 , 不仅奉献, 而且还超出了我们所设定的信心目标! 您的奉献予神是如此地无私乐意且含有充满了感染力的喜乐。 我们真是慷慨施与的群众。


我们在这趟旅程学习到了什么? 我们学习到:信靠那满溢赐福予我们的神, 把信心摆上在那赐我们致富能力的神里。领受那本来富足,却为我们成了贫穷,为要使我们因祂的贫穷成为富足的主耶稣- 神唯一的儿子! 神能照着运行在我们心里的,大力充充足足的成就一切 ,超过我们所求所想的。  神的应许,不论有多少, 在基督都是是的!所以藉着祂也都是‘阿们’的!我国家经济每况愈下, 我们也面临着许多的挑战, 但,我们选择了相信神并先祝福祂的国度! 因为我们相信,我们所处在属灵高原歌珊地,而不是埃及。


能够牧羊这所如此棒、有慈爱且慷慨的教会,实在是我的荣幸。是的, 我所说的正是您啊! 我们已经把所有的金额都捐给各个宣教机构、被迫害的教会、营救被迫者害和穷困人群的事工、贫苦人群、福音事工以及捐助SIB Sabah的圣经学校、福音传道士、牧师、甚至还有印刷马来文圣经(AVB Al-Kitab)。其余的,则是我们下一代大堂的建堂费, 好让我们的下一代可以带领着Skyline,更高更远地荣耀主! 我相信您也非常地兴奋与期待! 在这与神搭档的季节里, 我们都会满溢而成长!


Philip Lyn 医生牧师


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