The God of the “ALL” “全为所有”的上帝

And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work.
(2 Corinthians 9:8)

“God is able to make all grace abound to you!” This is a verse of unlimited grace for all our needs. What unlocks this grace? The verses before this tells us. Hearing God and giving. Not just giving, but giving with a generous, purposeful, and cheerful heart as we have purposed (in obedience to Him). Such a posture and act set in motion the grace that brings abundance (2 Cor 9: 6-7)! Grace is our unmerited, undeserving, and unearned favour from our heavenly Father. So “all grace” means He promises to meet our need in all ways. What does this look like?

We are promised “all sufficiency”. That means we will have more than enough. In “all things”. That means for all daily and future needs, and that of our family. God will look after them. At “all times” indicates this promise is timeless whether in recession or boom. So that in all seasons, we can thrive in every good work for His Kingdom!

Bill Bright of Campus Crusade once challenged believers to give one million dollars to help fulfill the Great Commission. This was just laughable to a small businessman named Scott. His machinery business generated under $50,000 a year. Scott was already a giver donating 35% of his income. When Bill challenged him to make the following year’s donation goal $50,000, Scott thought Bill hadn’t understood. But he and his wife sensed God’s call. By December 31, they were able to give $50,000. The next year they set a goal of $100,000. Again, God provided. By 2001, Scott had passed the one million dollar giving mark. They learned to unlock “all grace”. The God of the “more than” is also the God of the “all”. All grace, all sufficiency in all things at all times for all good works! This is our God!




曾经何时,学园传道会 (Campus Crusade) 的比尔·布莱特 (Bill Bright) 挑战信徒们给出一百万以助实现大使命。对于经营小本生意的斯科特 (Scott) 来说,这根本就是个笑话。他的机械生意每年的利润少于 $50,000。而当时斯科特已把他收入的百分之三十五当作奉献。当比尔挑战他为明年的捐献定下$50,000的目标时,斯科特认为比尔完全不了解他的情况。但是,他和他妻子却领受到上帝的呼召。在12月31日之前,他们确实给了 $50,000。在下一年,他们便定下 $100,000的目标。再次的,上帝供应了。在2001年,斯科特的捐献已超过了一百万的目标。他们学习到打开“各样恩惠”的门。那“超越”的上帝也是一位“全为所有”的上帝。各样的恩惠,在每时每刻都凡事充足来行各样的善事!这就是我们的上帝!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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