The Next Forty Days

Tomorrow we begin our forty days of prayer and fasting with the rest of the Malaysian Church. We end on our National Day on September 16. I sense that in 2017, and for many of us, this will be the most significant time. This is David’s first stone. And with it the promise that the giants of our lives will come down if we will step out to be part of the corporate prayer and anointing for this nation. Each dawn, we will meet here in     Skyline at 6.00 am, and finish by 7.00 am sharp. Wake up at 5.00 am, get yourself and your family ready, bring your spouse and children. Let it light a family altar these forty days. Bring your friends who may be facing giants and challenges to come.

What about fasting? I would like to suggest you either go on a “Daniel fast” for the first twenty-one days of abstaining from meat, desserts or delicacies (Dan 10:3), or abstain one meal a day. If you decide on the latter fast, choose the meal you fast from. Lunch is a good one to miss. Why? Because it is not the main family meal. Also, it allows you to have breakfast and meet new Skyliners, or fellowship after dawn prayer each day. These forty days will also be a great time for us to get to know each other better!

Then after twenty-one days, you may decide to switch to a “Daniel fast” or fast more than one meal a day, gradually increasing the number of meals you miss until the end of the forty days. I plan to fast like that. Will you join me? The stone that flies from the sling of prayer is what will bring down the giants of fear, anxiety, deep disappointments or anger. Prayer is the main way to cause a turnaround in your finance. It will bring the start of a turnaround from addictions. God may begin to heal your marriage and your relationship with your kids. I see dawn prayers lighting up prayer altars in our homes again. See Giants fall at your workplace, in our city and also our nation where racism, religious extremism, and corruption roam. Prayer is God’s way to bring down these goliaths. It is more potent than sword and spears. Tomorrow, and for the next forty days, the church will awaken at dawn to pray. Will you and your children join us?

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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