I love the Word of God. I began reading it ever since I was born-again at the age of fourteen. My first bible was the Revised Standard Version (RSV). It lasted me ten years. By the time I was halfway through medical school, it had fallen apart. I bought another one and took better care of it. It lasted me fifteen years. When I went looking for another new RSV in Singapore in 1992, they laughed at me. There was none to be found. The RSV had long been superseded by the NIV (New International Version) and the NKJV (New King James Version). So in 1994, I began my journey with the NKJV. It was an almost instantaneous love relationship. I found it a true translation to the original text. Studying it and teaching from it was a joy. Now my NKJV bible is twenty-three years old, having been rebound twice. I was reluctant to replace it.
Last week, this all changed. I wandered into a bookshop in Perth, and found a new colourful leather-bound NKJV that had exactly the same “feel” and “smell” of my old one! Almost the same weight, with the same print-type, and with all the chapters and books arranged in exactly the same way as I had memorised them! I fell in love all over again and soon began reading my new bible as if I was discovering God’s Word for the first time! There was a freshness, an excitement about it all!
How do you see your bible? Many people have no “personal” bible today. We carry a digital form that we share with millions of others on our mobile phone or other digital devices. Every page looks the same. It makes memorising and familiarising ourselves with God’s Word far more challenging. There is little or no sense of “ownership”. Can I suggest something? Use a digital bible when you leave home, but study and read from a good paged-bible in your daily devotions. Fall in love with its feel and smell, underline it, make it your own. And over the years it will “age” with you as you grow in maturity. The Word will become yours. And for you, it will become the “right” bible!

我喜爱神的话语,自14岁信主以后,就开始阅读圣经。我的第一本圣经版本是 Revised Standard Version (RSV) 版本的英语圣经 ,用了十年。在念医科的中途,书已经破烂不堪了 。当时我就去购买了一本新的圣经,更细心照顾,也持续用了15年。1992年,我在新加坡试着寻找新的 RSV版圣经,遍寻不果,还被人嘲笑。RSV 版圣经已经被 NIV 和 NKJV 版本取代许久了。于是从1994年起,我开始了阅读 NKJV 版的历程,对它更是一见钟情。我发现,NKJV 版的翻译更贴近原文,我非常喜悦,无论是研读或以它为教材都非常得心应手 。如今,我的 NKJV 版圣经已陪伴了我23年之久,已修复了两次,我依然舍不得把它换掉。

在上周,这一切全都改变了。我在珀斯的一间书店看到了一本彩色皮制的 NKJV 版圣经,和我之前那一本的触感和味道竟然是一模一样的!相同的重量,相同的印刷方式,相同的书页与章节排列,正如我记忆中的那本圣经!我再一次爱上了圣经,就像初次接触神的话语般,不断地翻阅这本新的圣经!真是新奇和兴奋啊!

您如何看待您的圣经呢? 许多人都没有一本‘专属’的圣经。我们有的是和其他使用者共享的‘电子圣经’。且每一页看似一样的,增加了我们对熟记和熟悉神的话语的挑战。我们对它没有‘拥有’的意识。可否让我提出建议?为了方便,在外,您可以使用电子圣经,但在平日灵修的时候必然要选读一本好圣经,并爱上它的触感和味道,划下记线、让它属于你。年复一年,它会随着您一起成熟 “成长”,神的话语渐渐变成您的话语。于您而言,它将是您那本“对”的圣经。

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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