The Word Became Flesh 道成了肉身

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
(John 1:14)

Landslide win! Christmas came early for Boris Johnson and the Tory Party in the UK. Britain will soon exit the EU and determine her own future. No one can tell her what to do now. She is free to trade freely with whichever country she wants. And that’s good news when you consider how much the UK’s trade with the Commonwealth has paled over the years. So much more is possible now!

But this election has brought some disturbing trends to the fore. This is the first time Britain has elected a Prime Minister who is in an openly live-in relationship with his girlfriend. “So what?” you may say. A few years ago, Australia’s Julia Gillard had a live-in partner. New Zealand’s Jacinda Arden has a baby born out of wedlock, and no one raises eyebrows. Moral standards have changed. Truth too, has paled in comparison to charisma. Boris tells lies and spouts bogus stats. So does Jeremy Corbyn and the rest. But Boris has greater charm, and is therefore more believable. The Tories don’t like Muslims. Labour is full of anti-Semites. Is the world getting better? Don’t believe it!

Our planet is heating up. By 2030, global temperature may rise to 1.5C but we seem unable to collaborate to make this a better world. Selfishness and mistrust still shroud every nation. Why does it need an angry teenager like Greta Thunberg to draw our attention? Because we adults are behaving like spoiled kids. That’s why 2000 years ago “the Word became flesh…” It was to save us from ourselves. Today, we need Him more than ever! Christmas reminds never to give up hope… that God came… to save and change mankind and to save our world! Invite your friends this Christmas.


压倒性的胜利!在英国的鲍里斯·强森 (Boris Johnson) 和保守党 (Tory Party 托利党) 迎来了提早的圣诞。英国很快的就会脱欧并能够自行的决定他们的未来。如今,他们再也不需要别人告诉他们该怎么做了。他们可以随心与任何一个国家进行自由贸易。当您考虑到过去这么多年英国和其他联邦国家的贸易已经逐渐消退,这真是个好消息。接下来将会有更多可能性的发生。

但是,这选举同时也带来了一些另人焦虑的趋势。这是英国首次选了一位公开与女朋友同居的首相。您可能会说“那又如何?”。几年前,澳洲的株莉亚·吉拉德 (Julia Gillard) 也曾经和她的伴侣同居。新西兰的杰辛达·阿登 (Jacinda Arden) 未婚生子一事亦没引来他人的惊讶或疑问。现今的道德标准已改变。真理也是如此,当与魅力相比时,它已变得暗谈无色彩。鲍里斯 (Boris) 说谎并肆无忌惮的炫耀被伪造的数据。其实,杰里米·科尔宾 (Jeremy Corbyn) 和其他的政治家都一样。但因鲍里斯 (Boris) 有更大的魅力,相对来说他也显得比较可信。保守党的党员们不喜欢穆斯林信徒,而反犹太人的劳工们是占多数的。这世界真的变得越来越好吗?千万别相信!

我们的地球暖化的情况逐渐恶劣。到了2030年,全球的温度将会提升摄氏1.5度之多,但我们似乎无法协作使这世界变得更好。自私的态度和对彼此的不信任仍笼罩着每个国家。为什么需要等到一个愤怒的少年格雷塔·通贝里 (Greta Thunberg) 出来表态,才能引起我们的注意呢?这是因为已是成年人的我们,如今却表现得像个已被宠坏的小孩一样。这就是为什么在2000年前“道成了肉身…”,祂来是为了拯救我们。今天,我们比任何时候都更需要祂!圣诞节提醒我们不要放弃盼望… 因为上帝的到来… 是救赎和改变人类并拯救世界!邀请您的亲友来欢庆这圣诞佳节吧!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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