These past seven days have been such blessings to us. First, there was the Penuaian Jiwa Borneo (Harvest of Souls Borneo) Rally at Penampang stadium ten days ago, that drew 20,000 each night with thousands of decisions, and also many miracles. I was deeply moved and excited by what I saw as I viewed the vast crowd from the Grandstand. The worship that night was incredible. The atmosphere was charged! And when the Holy Spirit came on the second night, I saw thousands falling like a pack of cards from the front to the mid-section of the crowd. Whom did God use to bring fire to our land? A young man by the name of Philip Mantofa, who is only aged 43 years! He belongs to the generation of fire.

Then, we went to Perth to minister. I shared the platform at the Victory International Conference with two young speakers. The first was Nathan Morris from the UK (now living in the US), whom God had used singly to bring about the Bays Revival in Mobile Alabama, where the paralysed walked, the deaf heard, and blind saw. He spoke of his past life as an addict to drugs and sex, how his dad who was a preacher prayed ceaselessly for him, and how in one encounter with the presence of God, he was set free from all bondages, and received the call to preach over 15 years ago. Today, he is an evangelist who has held crusades all over the world and has brought thousands to Jesus. Nathan Morris is just 38.

The second speaker was Jimmy Njino from Kenya, now pastoring in Queensland who began preaching at the age of 11. He was so full of the Holy Spirit, that wherever he went, people got saved and revival broke out even among redneck Aussies. He has held crusades in the Philippines, preached all over the world and seen many miracles. Incredibly he just got married to a wonderful petite Chinese girl from KK, Ruth, who is also an amazing worship leader. Jimmy is just 36 years of age! Ps Nancy and I have been so blessed these past few days to see the mark of God in the next generation of leaders, and even here, in Skyline!

我们都在过去的7天里领受到满满的祝福。 第一是10天前在兵南邦运动场上的福音聚会中的(婆罗洲灵命大丰收),总数超过2万人众来参与,数千的决志和许多的神迹。当在台上望向群众人海,我满心感动,特别兴奋!当晚的敬拜赞美极好,充满朝气!在第二天晚上,当圣灵降临到我们,我看见成群的人们像骨牌般早群中倒下。神大大使用了谁为我们这地带来复兴之火?是一位43岁的年轻人,Philip Mantofa!他是属这复活世代的。

然后我们到柏斯服侍, 我与两位年轻讲道员共同在‘Victory International Conference’国际会议担任讲员。第一位就是来自英国的Nathan Morris(现定居美国),神大大的使用他为阿拉巴马州带来复兴。瘫痪的人可行走、聋哑人士得以听见、盲人能看见。他谈到了自己曾是一名瘾君子和性成瘾者,他的爸爸身为一名牧师,如何持续不断地为他祷告,直到他在一次领受到神的同在以后破除了所有捆绑、在15年前受到神的呼召成为传道者。如今,他是一位到世界各地主持宣教会的宣教士 , 也带领了千万人信奉主耶稣。Nathan Moris 今年才38岁。

第二位讲员则是来自肯尼亚的 Jimmy Njino, 现是昆士兰的教会牧者。11岁就开始讲道的他充满了圣灵恩膏,到何处都能领人信主,甚至为澳大利亚的低产阶级带来复兴。他在菲律宾举办过宣教会,到世界各地传教并看见许多神迹。非常奇巧的,他和一位来自哥打京那巴鲁的 Ruth 结婚。她虽娇小,却是一位很棒的敬拜领袖。Jimmy 今年才36岁!Ps Nancy 和我都在这几天深受祝福,尤其在下一代的领袖当中,甚至在Skyline教会里看到了神的标记!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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