“Everything rises and falls on leadership”
(John Maxwell)

Do you agree with the statement above? Let me give you something to think about: when Singapore separated from Malaysia 55 years ago, the currencies, economies, education standards, bureaucracy, and corruption indices in both countries were identical. Half a century on, our neighbour is a first-world nation with world-class education and a currency three times our value. Singapore ranked 7th in the 2017 corruption perception index ranking, we ranked 62nd. Changi has been voted the best airport in the world for the past five years while KLIA is rated 44th. We have infinitely more human and natural resources. We have a richer race mix, more land and more marine resources. So what has made the difference? Leadership, over the years.

It’s the same for the churches across our nation. Some do better than others. Some grow; others stagnate. Some are vibrant; others are boring. All these churches may pray equally, preach from the same Bible and have the same Holy Spirit leading them. But what makes the difference? Well, I humbly submit that it’s leadership. I want you to understand that God loves all churches whether they are growing or not, whether they are small or big, whether they have old people or young people; we need all types of churches. But the difference between churches is leadership.

So please pray for the leaders of this church. For me, for Pastor Nancy and our family. Pray for all our godly and wise Elders and our wonderful Executive Pastors. Pray for your Zone and Connect Group Leaders. The Enemy is on the prowl like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8) and when he strikes, the shepherds, the sheep scatter (Matthew 26:31). Pray NOW for godly, clean, and fair leaders to lead our nation after GE14. For “Everything rises and falls on leadership….”


您认同以上的说法吗? 让我举一些例子来给您思考上的挑战。55年前, 新加坡脱离马来亚联邦,两国的货币兑换率、经济发展、教育制度、官僚体制、及贪污指数都是相同的。半个世纪后,我们的邻国(新加坡)已挤进了第一世界先进国,拥有世界级的教育水平,货币兑换率比我国高出3倍。2017年的国家贪污印象指数显示,新加坡排名第7,而我国则排名第62。樟宜机场(Changi Airport) 在过去五年被评选为全球最佳机场,而吉隆坡国际机场则被评为第44。我国拥有更多的人力和天然资源、更丰富的种族组合、更多的土地以及海洋资源。然而,区别在哪儿呢? 就在于多年以来的,领导能力。


因此,让我们一起来为教会的领袖们祷告。请大家为我,Nancy 牧师和我们的家庭代祷。 请为我们敬虔而睿智的长老们及执行牧师们代祷。为我们的联系小组的区长和组长们代祷。 仇敌魔鬼,如同吼叫的狮子(彼得前书 5:8)当敌人击打牧人,羊就分散了(马太福音 26:31)。 从现在开始,我们要一起祷告,在第14届国家大选 (GE14) 后,会有敬虔、廉洁和公义的国家领袖来带领我们。
因为, “一切事物的兴起与衰败都在于领导能力…”

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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