What a busy week it’s been with nightly shows of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Did you enjoy the performances? I was there every night. I laughed, I teared, I was caught up in the intensity of some of the sketches. When you realise the cast was almost all Skyliners whose lives and talents God was using to impact this city, you can only marvel His grace and goodness. I talked to strangers after the show, met parents and relatives of Skyliners, greeted old acquaintances, and found people had enjoyed the show, and most were greatly blessed!

There is so much to be thankful for. Today, we will know how many decisions were made for Christ in these five nights. We thank God for every decision made! Today too, we come with thankfulness to God for the way this church has grown, and the wonderful mix of talent and passion present. Everyone has worked hard. From the ushers to the office staff, from the Zone and CG Leaders, to the cast and crew, not to forget, each and every one of you. You have prayed for the harvest, invited your family and friends, cheered the cast and told everyone about the show. Why is there such a great culture of sacrificial serving and giving in Skyline? It’s because Christ has given us everything! Listen to the words of the old Christmas carol:

What can I give Him, poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb;
If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part;
Yet what I can I give Him: give Him my heart

And that’s what Jesus wants above all this Christmas; He wants our hearts! Will you recommit your heart to Him today? If we do so, we will never grow tired of serving Him, because we will always know we are His!

上个星期每晚都有“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”的演出,真是忙碌的一个星期。您欣赏那几天的演出吗?我每晚都出席。演出令我哭笑不得、我还被一些短剧的紧张戏节深深吸引。当您领悟到演员们都是活在神赐才华的Skyline 成员,被神大大使用来影响这城市,您不禁会为神的恩典和良善感到赞叹。散场后,我和一些新朋友聊天、与Skyline 成员的亲戚和家人们见面、和老朋友打招呼,发现许多人都非常欣赏赐这部戏剧,并感到深受祝福!

真是太多的事情值得感恩了!今天我们会知道在这五天内总共有多少的人决志相信耶稣。我们为每一个决志的生命感谢神!同样地在今天,我们一起带着一份感恩的心来到教会。感恩教会的成长,和其中各样恩赐和热忱的美妙配合。每一位都努力付出了许多: 从招待员到教会同工、从小组区长和组长到演员及工作人员们,和你们每一位。您为了丰收而祷告、邀请您的家人和朋友、为演员们鼓掌及到处宣传此演出。为什么在 Skyline 会有如此美好的牺牲服事和给予的精神呢?原因是基督把祂全所有都赐给了我们!听啊一首旧的圣诞颂歌:


这就是耶稣在这圣诞所要的; 祂要我们的心!那您会在今天再次献上您的心给祂吗?若我们这样做,就不会在服事祂时觉得惫累,因我们知道我们是属祂的!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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