These past five years of travelling together with Nancy for ministry have been a real blessing. I didn’t know itinerant ministry could be so much fun! Before our last child left home, I used to travel alone for speaking engagements while Nancy kept home. Some of those were lonely, tense, and serious times. I was, after all, meant to be God’s servant, so I thought I’d better look the part! All sanctimonious and serious. Often when I got to my destination, my reflex response was to shut myself up, “spend time with God” and stay away from the pesky, curious crowd. Holy Moley!

Then, Nancy started travelling with me. She made me laugh, and brought me down to earth. I found that having someone to talk to and banter with relaxed me greatly. Even the churches that invited me before said I was much easier to host when I was with my wife! I was more…umm.. “balanced”. I was less guarded, and less shy (believe it or not). I also became friendlier and funnier (so they tell me), often laughing at myself more. When I’m with Nancy, people see me as more of a “down-to-earth”, rather than some holy MOG (Man of God) on a pedestal. One word from her at dinner, and I am instantly de-canonized. Especially when she tells them my fart used to smell, or my socks still stink. They love it. Then they love me even more!

I find ministry travels a great deal less stressful these days. Having someone who prays for me as I speak, and who gives me both solicited and unsolicited advice as to how I did really helps me. The amazing thing about Nancy is that she can laugh at my same old jokes over and over again. Sometimes she tells me I forgot an illustration or a quote. And GPS has kept us harmonious on our road trips. That’s why when we return from ministry, our passion is re-fired, and our spirits renewed. However far we go, our hearts are never far from you all and this wonderful church we call home!

对我而言,在过去5年我有机会与Nancy结伴到世界各地事奉,这是一个多么好的恩典。我从来都不知道巡回事工会是那么有趣的! 在我们的小女儿离开家之前,我都是一个人到外地讲道,而Nancy则留守家中。当中有些经历是孤单、紧张与沉重的。当时的我觉得,我毕竟带着上帝仆人的身份,那我就该有应有的风范才是!应当道貌岸然且带有认真地态度!很多时候,当我到达目的地时,我的第一个反应就是把自己锁在房间里,“与上帝共度时光”并远离那喧闹的人群。好不神圣啊!

之后,Nancy开始与我结伴同行。她能够让我开怀大笑,并把我重新带回平凡人的世界里。我发现,能够有一个人与我聊天甚至斗嘴,会让我心情无比放松。就连那些曾经邀请我去讲道的教会也觉得当我的妻子在身边时,我就会变得容易相处多了!我变得…怎么说呢…比较“和谐”。我的戒备心会减少,并且不那么害羞 (很难以置信吧!)。我也变得比较友善且风趣 (这是他们告诉我的), 也很常会拿自己来开玩笑。每当我和Nancy在一起时,其他人都觉得我比较容易亲近,而不是什么高高在上的大人物。在聚餐的场合里,只要她一开口说活,我便即刻形象全无了。特别是当她描述我放屁的味道或是我袜子的臭味等,旁人都听得津津有味。也因为这些故事,他们更喜欢我了!


Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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