In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer,
I have overcome the world (John 16:33 NKJV)

Brace for global turbulence this year! Look around. The UK is in chaos over Brexit. Trump’s America is divided along race, trade wars, border control, and climate change policies. China’s giant economy is slowing down; Premier Xi is tightening the screws on personal and religious freedom. Thailand is facing uncertain elections after years of military rule. Indonesia’s coming election is being increasingly framed by religious fanaticism. Malaysia? We have a new government trying to undo years of corruption and racism in institutions and public life, while oil and commodity prices are dropping

Jesus said we will have tribulation. That means there will be adverse winds and rocky journeys. I dislike turbulence on flights. It means they can’t serve me my hot coffee! Seriously, each time the plane shakes and bumps, we are reminded how helpless we are. I sense this year global events will shake us. Yet for many of us, there will also be personal challenges. There is, however, one constant in these upheavals. Jesus, and His call to us to be of good cheer.

What does this mean? Firstly, he was addressing his disciples, like us. Secondly, that external events unleashed after His death would test and scatter them. We too, will face external events over which we have no control. Theirs was tribulation! Ours is mere turbulence. Thirdly, He tells us how to respond. Be of good cheer! The NLT Bible says: “take heart!”. Don’t lose hope. Face the winds. Soldier through. It’ll be ok! “Because I have overcome the world!” or “I’ve conquered the world!”, as the Message Bible puts it. Wow. It means in the end we win. We overcome every turbulence…with Him!

在世上, 你们有苦难; 但你们可以放心, 我已经胜了世界。

让我们为即将来临的全球动荡进行防备!我们来看看最近在发生的事物吧! 如今英国因“脱欧” 事件而陷入一片混乱。由特朗普统治的美国则因种族、贸易战、边界管制与气候变化等政策而面临分歧。中国的蓬勃经济也正处于放缓的状态; 习主席亦逐步地严谨封锁中国人民的个人与宗教自由。泰国在经历了多年的军事统治之后,即将面对充满着未知数的选举。再者, 印尼来临的选举亦逐渐被强烈的宗教极端主义控制着。那马来西亚呢?当油价和货物商品的价钱在面临下跌的趋势时, 我们的新政府正努力的从各大机构与大众生活中摆脱多年以来根深蒂固的贪污行为与种族主义。

耶稣说, 我们会有苦难。意思是说, 我们将会面临暴风和崎岖的旅程。我不喜欢在乘搭飞机时遇到气流。因为这意味着我不能在当中享用我那杯热咖啡! 说真的, 每一次当飞机在摇晃颠簸着时, 我们往往会意识到我们是多么的无助啊。我感觉到, 今年将发生的全球事件将会给我们带来动荡。然而, 对于我们许多人来说,我们也会面临个人挑战。但即使有着动荡不安, 有一事实是永恒不变的。那就是耶稣和祂叫我们要喜乐的呼召。

这是什么意思呢? 首先, 祂是向着祂的门徒说的, 而我们就是祂的门徒。第二, 在耶稣被钉死后所发生的突发事件会为门徒们带来考验并导致他们分散各地。同样的, 我们也将会面临不在我们控制范围的外来事物。他们所面对的是苦难! 但我们遇到的仅仅是湍流。第三, 祂告诉我们如何回应。祂叫我们喜乐! NLT圣经译本说: “保守你的心”。别失去盼望。面对那暴风, 与它争战。一切将会过去! “因为我已经战胜了世界” 或是如MESSAGE圣经译本说的, “我已胜过这世界!”。太棒了! 意思是说,最终我们会得胜。与祂, 我们能克服次动荡与苦难!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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