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Visiting Speakers

Skyline is blessed to have some of the best preachers and teachers coming to visit and minister to us. Here are some upcoming services with visiting speakers.

Visiting Speakers

Skyline is blessed to have some of the best preachers and teachers coming to visit and minister to us. Here are some upcoming services with visiting speakers.

Jul 22: Rev Daniel Chin (SM)

Pastor Daniel Chin founded KK Bread of Life Church in year 2007, currently leading the church to transform into apostolic centre and developing a family church system.
Since year 2014, he holds the post of KK Chinese Church Shepherd Team Chair Person.
Since year 2012, he started a rising up Bumiputera campaign, organised a core committee in PAN.

Daniel Chin 牧师于2007 年建立亚庇灵粮堂基督教会, 目前带领教会转型成为使徒性中心及发展家教会系统。

Aug 5: Ps Benny Ho

Ps Benny has seen a lifetime of ministry work, including mission work with World Vision, bible school planting in Asia, and over twenty years in various pastoral roles in local churches.

He founded Arrows College as a teaching ministry to the Body of Christ, and is the Apostolic Leader of D-Net Churches, a network that carries his desire to see churches strengthened to become intentional disciple-making cell churches. He is also the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Church (Perth , Western Australia). He enjoys leading a team of people who loves God passionately and loves people practically. He also has set up Arrows Resources to make his teaching resources available.

All this never seems like work to him – his conviction for advancing God’s kingdom fuels everything he does.

One of his passions in ministry is expository preaching, particularly preaching through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. He’s only finished 16 books so far, but he’s hardly daunted with having 50 more to go, and remains excited to complete his goal one day.

Ps Benny is known for his down-to-earth humour and approachable leadership style. He is happily married to his biggest supporter, Cecilia, and has three children: Joel, Abigail, and Rachel. In his free time he enjoys people-watching in cafes and is moved deeply by movies that showcase the better side of human life.

Aug 26: Rev Paul Huang (SM)

Rev Paul Huang, a Taiwanese who were qualified mechanical engineer and a theological master degree holder, together with his wife, Cindy, previously an university lecturer, journeyed through an exciting 27 years of pastoring and church planting experiences both locally in Taiwan and overseas in Malaysia. They were called to Malaysia since Year 1996 and have been actively involved in their calling of “Back to Jerusalem” movement through church planting and raising more workers for the Lord. Their desire is to see many strong world class Christian being equipped and vast frontier missionaries being raised and reaching out to the lost along the Spice Road. Paul always operates various of his spiritual gifts as he deliver the words of God. He started Tung Ling Seminary Malaysia Mandarin sector in Year 2005.Tung Ling Mandarin grew and becoming blessings of many churches. Paul and Cindy have four wonder children who serve the Lord alongside their parents fervently.