Warnings to our Nation

“…These are the ones who have come out of the great tribulation,

and washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb”

(Rev 7:14,NKJV)

I sense challenging times ahead of us. Last week, two prophecies were released by two different ministers in KL. They carried the same message: there is a great testing coming to our nation. One minister called it persecution. Another called it a great   darkness and trial, unlike anything we have seen before. One minister painted images of destruction of churches, another called the coming events horrific. Will there be loss of lives? Destruction of property? Death of Christ followers? We don’t know, but     apparently it starts with the cleansing of the church; it includes leaders and the rest of God’s people. It’s a warning, and I sense we need to heed it.

What will prevent this? Prayer. Repentance. A crying out to the Lord for mercy. Are the churches in Sabah rising to pray together for our land? Yes, but I sense not enough and certainly not together. Are the West Malaysian churches praying? Again yes, but I sense, not much together. Prayer altars are going up, and here in Skyline, we must all push into the 24/7 SkyHOP prayer time now! Take our slots, stand in the gap, and cry to God for our land. We must do this together as a church, and together as part of the prayer movement in this city!

We are, after all, a city church. That’s why we are called Skyline. We believe God wants us to lead in changing the spiritual skyline of this city. This city is the seat of the state government, and it is here that prayer must be maximized. Have you heard what’s been happening in Marawi in Mindanao? It’s not that far away. ISIS militants have captured a town, incredible as it may seem! We must never allow our cities to suffer the same fate. It’s not troops or security services alone that will prevent the rise of militant extremism. It is prayer that will save our nation, our city, and our families. You see, the church is truly the hope of the world.


Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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