Watch Out, Christmas is Coming! 瞧着, 圣诞快到来咯!

Do you measure the years by Christmas? I know I do. Each time when this season of the year rolls round, I reflect on what last year was like, and the year before that, as well as the year before, and incredibly even the year before that…Christmas has that strange hold on me. Memories of December are somehow more permanently etched in my long-term memory bank. I look forward to seeing my children come home each year from overseas, I look forward to hearing Christmas carols in the malls, but it is in Skyline that I look forward to the annual Christmas outreach from the performing arts team. Each year they have never failed to amaze me! Last year was great. This year will be different and in some ways, even better.
It is in this season of the year that we reap the largest harvest of souls. This year, the play “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” will be premiered in Sabah for the first time, with Colin Kirton and the team of Skyliners. It is a highly charged play on the theme of love acted out in diverse situations, which are easily recognisable. Everyone will identify with some facets of the emotionally charged sketches, whether in the family, friendships or marriages. The power of the play is its ability to touch hidden longing for love in all our lives, and can help draw us to the one unchanging LOVE that will never fade: God’s love and His promise of eternal love for us in Christ Jesus!
So let’s prepare for a great Christmas harvest. Have faith. Believe we will see a hundred souls saved. Think about the friends you will invite. Begin to come together in CP8, and let’s all begin to pray together for their salvation these next two months. Plan for your Zone and Connect Group Christmas Oikos these next four weeks. Pray for the performing arts team and these final weeks of intense rehearsals they will be putting in. Decorate the sanctuary! Send out the invitations. Saturate this season with prayer and intentional outreach. And you will see many saved. Even your family!

我不晓得您会以圣诞来计量年份吗? 我知道我会。每一年大约在这时节的到来, 我都会回想过去的一年、还有前一年过得如何, 甚至还回想到再前一年 。。。 很奇妙地,圣诞让我深思。每一年,特别是在十二月里的回忆,总让我铭记于心。我很期待我的儿女从国外归来、期待在广场上听见圣诞颂歌, 更加期待在 Skyline 年度宣扬福音的艺术表演。每一年的艺术表演组都令我感到非常地赞叹! 去年也不例外, 非常好! 今年的当然也会有所不同, 然而会在一些方面将显得更上一层楼。


是的,我们又到了年度灵得救大丰收的季节! 今年一部由大马知名的戏剧表演艺术家 Colin Kirton 主导,联同 Skyline 演员,将一起在沙巴首次上演以主题为 “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” 的戏剧!这是一部高受评价的戏剧作品,透过种种我们熟悉的人生实况来表达“爱”这个主题。每个人都可从充满情绪张力的剧情中对家庭、友谊或是在婚姻上的场景,有所感同身受。这表演的力量在于能深深地感触着我们在生命深处对爱的期盼, 并帮助我们更亲近那唯一永不止息的爱: 神的爱与祂应许我们在耶稣基督里永生的爱!


因此, 让我们齐来充分地为这次圣诞的大丰收做好准备。要有信心!相信我们会看见数百的人得救。 细心想想,您要邀请的朋友。在接下来的两个月, 一起来到CP8为他们的救赎代祷。接下来的4个星期,各区小组将计划圣诞小组聚会。 也让我们为艺术表演组在这最后冲刺的期间代祷。发送邀请,布置大堂! 让我们以祷告和积极地传福音外展行动来充满这个季节吧!您将会看到许多人将得救,包括您的家人!



Philip Lyn 医生牧师



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