We Are Sixteen… Going On Seventeen

Welcome to Skyline! Today we are sixteen. Many nations see sixteen as the age of responsibility. Youths may begin to drive at sixteen. Sixteen is the minimum age of marriage in some places. It’s the age where a young person can drink, purchase cigarettes, donate blood or join the army! It is the age of independence. David was approximately sixteen when he killed Goliath; he had to be. He was a youth, too young to wear a full suit of armour, and yet able to lead an army (1 Samuel 17). So what does sixteen bring for us?
It brings us, just like David, into the open spaces of the Valley of Elah, where we will meet giants and slay them. This is the year where our faith must grow as big as our heart! Gone are the days when we were cosy and sheltered. In the coming days, we must begin to chart a new course, move into a new sanctuary, raise new generation of leaders, reach the needy in this city and touch this nation. We will see people of all language groups come to know Jesus and slay the giants of poverty, fear and despair. Recently, we started a Mandarin service; in the not too distant future, we will be starting a Bahasa Malaysia service too!
Today, we celebrate sixteen years of God’s goodness to us. It has been an amazing journey, and yet we would never have reached where we are today, without each and everyone of you playing your part in our vision of Love God, Make Disciples, Transform Communities. You have loved God and people with such huge hearts, given so much that we may reach pre-believers and raise disciples for Jesus, and transformed rural, urban and workplace communities by your selfless sacrifice. Thank You Skyliners!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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