“Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved, you and your household”
Acts 16:31

Acts 16 is very interesting. It gives us three ways in which, three very different people came to know the Lord. Firstly, there was Lydia the businesswoman. She was a seeker but never went to church. Paul met her and a group of like-minded women by the river outside the city and spoke to them (v 13). This is an example of Contact Evangelism, sharing the gospel one-on-one with total strangers on a one-off basis. When Lydia believed, she became Europe’s first convert. She immediately invited Paul and his team to stay at her house. Lesson here? You never know who will respond unless you share the gospel. Strangers, successful people, they all need the Lord!

Then there was the fortune telling slave girl who hassled Paul and his team as a result of the demonic spirit oppressing her (v 16-18). She was set free when Paul expelled the spirit of divination from her. This is an example of Prayer Evangelism. When friends, colleagues or strangers share with you their fears, anxiety, challenges, meet them at their point of need, by praying for them and over them. Last week I taught you eight prayers you could pray from Scriptures. There are many more bible verses you could use to translate into powerful prayers. After praying, share the gospel. I believe Paul did and she believed; that’s why she lost her fortune-telling gift permanently (v19)!

Finally, the Philippian jailer. When Paul and Silas were in prison they were singing hymns to God at midnight (v 25) and everyone was listening to them (including the jailer of course). When an earthquake struck and prison doors opened supernaturally, the hardened jailer knew it had to be God. He fell on his knees before Paul and said: “What must I do to be saved?” This was Workplace Evangelism as a Team. He had been exposed to God through the praise and witness of believers in his workplace! God calls us to share the Gospel today. We obey because we are loved and love Him!

使徒行传 16:31

使徒行传 16 非常有趣,里面记载了三个人物认识主耶稣的三段独特经历。首先,一名叫吕底亚的女商人,她是一个慕道者但从未到过教会。保罗在出城门河边时遇见她和一群有着同样想法的女人,并向她们说话(13节)。这个是以亲近人群来宣传福音的方式,向陌生人在偶遇之下一对一单独宣传福音。当吕底亚相信耶稣,她即时成为了欧洲的第一位信徒。她当下邀请保罗和团队留宿。这让我们学习到了什么呢? 若还没有宣传福音,您根本都不会知道别人会如何回应您。不论是陌生人,还是成功人士,他们都需要主耶稣!

后来,有一个会行法术以算命牟利的使女因被巫鬼所附,烦扰保罗和他的团队(16-18节)。保罗把她身上的卜筮驱逐了。这就是以祷告来宣传福音的方式。当我们的朋友、同事或陌生人跟我们分享他们生命中的恐惧、焦虑和挑战时,我们必须了解他们的需求并为他们祷告。上个星期,我教了您8段采用经文的祷告。圣经还有许多经文可以让您转换成有力的祷告,在祷告后就宣传福音。我相信保罗有这样做,而那位使女也相信了, 因此算命的法力从此离开了她(19节)!

最后是腓立比的 狱卒 。当保罗和西拉半夜在监牢里唱诗赞美神(25节),每个人都前来聆听(当然也包括那名狱卒)。当地大震动,监门立刻神迹地全开,心肠刚硬的狱卒也无可推诿那一定是上帝的所为。他在保罗面前跪下请求说道:” 我当怎样行才可以得救?” 这就是在职场上的团队宣传福音方式。这名狱卒透过信徒在职场上的赞美和见证看见了上帝的荣耀!今天,上帝呼召我们宣传福音。我们听从是因为我们领受到了神的爱,也同时因着敬爱祂!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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