For many years, both parliament and the rakyat have been deceived regarding the true financial health of our nation. Systematic plundering and borrowing by the previous government has left us ailing with debts of almost a trillion ringgit! How on earth did such financial disaster happen? That will be a task for the new government to unpack. Now we know the real reason why our domestic economy had stalled despite the uptick in commodity prices, why our ringgit languished, why GST was introduced, and why our corruption perception index has plummeted. Recent raids on residences linked to our ex-premier have also recovered cash to the tune of over 140 million ringgit plus luxury goods that may be worth even more!

Jesus said that deeds done in the dark will eventually be exposed (Luke 8:17). “For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” Grass will somehow grow through the pavements. Martin Luther King Jr. also said, “the arc of the moral universe though long, still bends towards justice”. Similarly, good deeds will also shine through even if we try to keep it hidden. Don’t hide it. God wants our light to shine for Him in the workplace (Matthew 5:16)!

When we engage the workplace, apathy is never an option. For evil to triumph, good people only have to do nothing. We have prayed and fasted together. Some among us have entered politics, others have marched to protest, and yet others served as polling and counting agents. All of us hopefully, have voted. I hope you are convinced now that the most needy mission field in the world is the workplace. Let us today begin to build a new Malaysia. Let us dedicate our workplaces and companies to God. Let us bring the Kingdom of God there and see God transforming one person, one company and one sphere at a time. Then, this nation will have hope.

多年以来,对于我国的真实财务状况,国会与人民均被蒙在鼓里,看不出个所以然来。前朝政府有计划地搜刮与借贷,导致我国陷入将近1兆令吉的债务!如此严重的财务灾难究竟是如何发生的?这会是新政府需要发掘的事。现在我们终于知道真正的原因—尽管物价不断上升,为什么我国的经济依旧停滞不前;为什么马来西亚令吉的汇率会下降;为什么前朝政府要实施消费税 (GST);为什么我国的贪污印象指数暴跌。近期在我国前首相的住宅进行的突袭检查中,竟搜获将近1.4亿令吉的现金,加上价值更甚的奢侈品!

耶稣说在暗地里密谋的事,总有一天会被揭发出来(路加福音8:17)。“因为掩藏的事没有不显出来的;隐瞒的事没有不露出来被人知道的”;正如青草会想办法在走道中寻找裂缝以便能继续生长。马丁路德金 (Martin Luther King Jr.) 曾经说过,“道德之弧很长,但它终将湾向正义。” 同样的,就算我们努力把好事隐藏起来,它总会有办法被显现出来的。所以,不要把它藏起来!因为神要我们在职场上散发祂的光(马太福音5:16)!


Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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