So great fear came upon all the church and upon all who heard these things.
Acts 5:11 NKJV

One of my greatest desires is to experience revival in Malaysia, to behold it with my own eyes, to see what God does in our cities, and to see the church carry and transmit God’s glory. I would love to be part of a move of God like that before I die. Have you ever been in a revival before? In 1994, I experienced the revival in Toronto Canada and came back changed. I love it when the presence of God is gloriously manifest, when signs and wonders break out, and when people are brought back into an intimate love relationship with God. But demonic manifestations also infiltrate revivals.

These, and much more, were some of the happenings that accompanied the early church revival in Jerusalem. Of these, the slaying of Ananias and Sapphira for lying to the Holy Spirit was by far the most shocking! Sure they had lied about how much they had sold their land for, and how much they had given to God, but was it that serious to warrant “sudden death”? Then I realised that once revival hits, standards change. In the Bario revival of 1973, students returned stolen pencils, and adults returned stolen eggs. Trivial right? Yet such was the conviction of God upon their sensitised hearts! You see, Ananias and Sapphira were never truly touched. They rode on the revival for their personal agenda. They lied, and lied again. And the Holy Spirit exposed them.

Here then is the nub of revival: “….Great fear came upon the church and all who heard these things” (Acts 5:11). One thing central to all revivals is the return to an awesome reverence and fear of the living God by the church, and even pre-believers. We become aware of His holiness, His fire that burns, His otherness, and His power before we realise His love, His heart, and His desire for intimacy with us. The Bible tells me this is a central mark in revival history. May we catch a glimpse of the glory of God as Acts 5 is preached today, so we will long for revival and God’s power to fill us afresh!



耶路撒冷早期教会的复兴时期也伴随着一样,或更多如此的事件。其中,亚拿尼亚与撒非喇因为欺哄圣灵而当场毙命的事件可说是最为惊讶的了!对,他们确实是隐瞒了他们卖地所得到的钱与他们所奉献给神的真实数目。但事情有那么严重?以致于他们遭受“猝死”的命运吗? 这让我意识到,一旦复兴开始,标准会改变。在1973年发生的Bario复兴,学生们把偷取的铅笔归还,而大人则把偷取的鸡蛋归还。听起来像是小事一桩吧?但这正正是神深深地感化了他们那感性心灵的证明!您看,亚拿尼亚与撒非喇从未真正被圣灵感动过。他们纯粹是为了私心而跟上复兴的脚步。他们一次又一次的说谎,到最后被圣灵揭发他们的谎言。

然而,这就是复兴的核心,“…全教会和听见这事的人都甚惧怕 (使徒行传5:11)”。所有复兴的核心就是,教会乃至未信主的人,都能够回归到敬畏那一位永生上帝的态度。在了解祂对我们的爱、心意和与我们建立亲密联系的渴望之前,我们已对祂的圣洁、正燃烧的圣火、祂的各个身份与祂的大能变得更加自觉。圣经告诉我,这是复兴历史的·中心标志。正当使徒行传第5章是今天的证道分享,但愿我们能够捕捉到神的荣光,使我们更加地渴望复兴的到来,以及神的大能重新充满我们!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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