When Is Going Wide Going Deep? 什么时候才去深扎并扩张?

“All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I had been eager to do all along…”
(Romans 12:2)

Since we first started in 2001, our home address has been one of the most sought-after locations in the city. Sutera Harbour. Do you know how gorgeous this place is? Come early, and walk around the garden and the pools. Smell the flowers. Pop into the cute cafes, or have a meal in one of the spacious restaurants. Stand and gaze at the islands from the waterfront in the evening or come and sit by the Marina, and watch the boats come in and go out. You’ll see what I mean. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to grow a church.

In the midst of this splendor, don’t forget the poor. The Lord told me this from the day we started the church. He said “remember the poor”… So in the early days, we went out to the city streets to distribute food, and to help NGOs in their work with special kids. We visited widows and orphans, and helped a poor village called Kibabaig on the outskirts of the city in Penampang. All that time, we asked the Lord to show us the area of work He wanted us to get involve in long term.

Eventually, He showed us the interior of Sabah. First there was Timbua, where we built a church for the secondary school students who would otherwise have no church to attend. Up to today, we are sponsoring an SIB pastor there. Then, we built our own Skycom hostel in Kota Marudu as a pilot project. This has become a template for hostels across the East Malaysia. Now, we are also involved in ministering to pre-schools. As an SIB church, our heart must firstly be for the indigenous people of Sabah. They are the poor. When we go into the interior as CGs to share and give, we touch the heart of God. Our understanding of His love deepens. For as we go wide to remember the poor, we will also be going deep in Him.


自从我们在2001年开始,我们的地址就座落在这城市其中一个最广受欢迎的地点。那就是 Sutera Harbour。您知道这地方有多么的美丽动人吗?不妨早一点来并到花园和泳池周围逛一逛。闻一闻花香味儿。您也可以去光顾那里别致的咖啡厅,或者到其中一家宽阔的餐厅用餐。傍晚时分,您可以站在滨水区处欣赏对面的岛屿,又或者到 Marina 俱乐部,坐着观赏船只的来来往往。您就能体会到我的意思。它是这世界上建立教会最漂亮的地方之一。

在我们享受着这一切壮丽辉煌的同时,请别忘了那些贫穷人士。打从我们创立这间教会的那天开始,上帝就把这告诉我。祂说:“记念那些贫穷的。” 因此在早期,我们就已到城市街道上派发食物。我们也协助非盈利组织在特殊儿童的事工上。我们亦探访了孤儿寡妇并帮助了位于兵南邦 (Penampang) 郊区外的一个贫穷村庄 — 基巴拜 (Kibabaig) 。一直以来,我们都祈求上帝带领我们看见祂所要我们参与的长期事工。

终于,上帝让我们看见沙巴内陆。首个地方就是 Timbua。在那儿,我们建了一间教会给当地的中学生,否则他们就没有教会可去参加。直到今天,我们仍然赞助着在那儿服侍的一位基督教会福音 (SIB) 牧师。之后,我们在哥打毛鲁都 (Kota Marudu) 建了第一所属于我们 SkyCom 的宿舍。这也成为了遍及东马的范本宿舍。如今,我们也参与幼儿园的事工。身为SIB教会,我们的心首先是要给于沙巴的原住民的。他们是贫穷的。当我们以小组到内陆去分享并给于,上帝的心已被触摸。我们对上帝的爱的理解也更深了。当我们去扩张境界的同时并去记念那些贫穷人士时,我们亦能够更深扎于上帝。

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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