This has been a church of prayer. Each morning, over 150-200 people turn up at dawn to intercede and seek the Lord. Many have come forward to share their testimonies of answered prayers. One shared how she walked again after a stroke when she prayed through the forty days last year. Another told of how her apartment was rented out again when she put in her prayer request at dawn. One morning, I sensed the Lord saying we were entering a breakthrough season. Sure enough, one brother testified how his painful inflamed bursitis that was hampering his walk was miraculously healed that day. Then, there has been a splurge of really unexpected exam results.

A couple shared how their son’s recent SPM results had exceeded all expectations, and he had been awarded a prestigious scholarship. Another had A-stars on all his four subjects at A-levels. Others have had their hopes and spirits revived. Parents and youths have found healing in their relationships as they have come together at dawn. Each morning, we have covered the “next generation” of children, youth, and college students, and spoken God’s Word and purpose over their lives. If you have missed out so far, do join us in the last week of this incredibly uplifting time at dawn this final week. God has put you in this church for His purpose. We are a praying church!

What does prayer do? It connects us to the source of our purpose and power, the very reason for our existence and growth: Christ himself, our Head and King. He lives in us. We are His. He promises never to leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). Without Him, we are just another human community doing things together. With Him, we are highly favoured, greatly blessed, and deeply loved (Jeremiah 31:3). All things become possible (Luke 19:26), and what’s even better, the best is yet to come (1 Corinthians 2:9)! Join us at dawn.


一对夫妇分享他们的儿子不但在SPM考试里出乎意料的好成绩,还成功获得了一份非常有名的奖学金到国外深造。另一位青年则在A-Levels考试里获得4A加的佳绩,而其他人在晨祷里得以重燃希望与朝气。父母们与他们孩子之间的关系也得以医治并改善,全因他们一起去参加晨祷。每天早上,我们会为 ‘下一代’ 的年轻人:小孩、青年与大专生祷告;并把上帝的话语和旨意宣告在他们的生命里。如果您错过了之前的清晨祷告会,我非常鼓励您在来临的最后一个星期来与我们一起参与这振奋人心的晨祷会。我相信是上帝的旨意把您带到这个教会里,我们是一个祷告的教会!

到底祷告有什么作用呢?它把我们导向我们的目标和力量的来源,我们之所以存在并在成长着的真正原因:那就是耶稣基督,祂是我们的首领,也是我们的王。祂住在我们的心里,而我们完全属于祂。祂向我们允诺,总不会撇下或丢弃我们 (希伯来书13:5)。没有祂,我们只是一聚在一起去做的一个属世社团。有了祂,我们是倍受青睐、蒙福与疼爱的 (耶利米书31:3) ! 在上帝凡是都有可能 (马太福音19:26),更棒的是,最好的还有待发生 (哥林多前书2:9) !我们来一起参加清晨祷告吧!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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