Why “Bold”? 为何要“胆壮”?

“Yes, be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt! For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
(Joshua 1:9)

Two former fishermen were defending themselves against charges of causing a local disturbance in the city. They’d healed a lame man outside the temple gate and that had drawn a noisy crowd! Having spent an uncomfortable night in the lock-up they now stood before an august council of religious law-makers who were furious at what these uneducated men had done! Flogging, maybe more prison time awaited them. “Who asked you to do these things?” they snarled. Most would have wilted under the heat. Not Peter. He took the bull by the horns. “If we are being judged as to what power healed the lame man,” he said, “It was through Jesus the Messiah!” Then mustering all his boldness, he proclaimed: “For there’s salvation in no other name under heaven!”

Gutsy! In fact, the Bible tells us, “when the council saw the boldness of Peter and John and sensed they were uneducated non-professionals, they realized what being with Jesus had done for them…” (Acts 4:1-13 TLB)! Being with Jesus, makes us bold! Intimacy fills us with His Spirit. It makes us unashamed of Him. And anoints us to do His great work. And that is what God wants as we come into the last quarter of the year! And that’s why you must come to our year end conference: BOLD.

What will the Bold Conference will do for you? Empower you for next year! Enable you to hear God and receive fresh prophetic words from Him! Open you up to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit so that you will finish the year strong! Next year will bring many challenges. Before Joshua crossed the Jordan into the promised land, God had to remind him again and again. Banish fear and doubt! Remember I am with you! With that he stepped into the Jordan… the waters parted, and Israel crossed over. Without faith, we will always remain on the same river bank. Only with boldness, will we cross!



真勇敢啊!事实上,圣经告诉我们,“他们见彼得,约翰的胆量,又看出他们原是没有学问的小名,就稀奇,认明他们是跟过耶稣的。”(使徒行传4:1-13) 与耶稣在一起使我们胆壮!与耶稣持有亲密的关系会使圣灵充满我们。祂使我们不会因祂而感到羞愧,反而能恩膏我们为祂做更伟大的事。这就是上帝要我们在今年最后的一个季度为祂所做的事!这也是为何您一定要出席我们年终的特会:BOLD。

究竟BOLD特会能够为您带来什么呢?那就是为明年的您给予装备,使您可以听见上帝并从祂那里领受新的预言!它能够让您敞开心并准备被圣灵的能力充满,刚强的来结束今年!明年将带来更多的挑战。在约书亚越过约旦河进入应许之地之前,上帝必须不断的提醒他:不要惧怕,也不要惊惶!记得,我与你同在!秉持着这个信念,他便踏入约旦河… 河水分开了,以色列人也可以就此越过。失去信心,我们将停留在原地。只有刚强壮胆,我们才能获胜!

Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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