Why Christmas is so Special 为何圣诞如此特别

Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!
(2 Corinthians 9:15)

I don’t know about you, but our family measure the passing of time by the Christmases we spend together. Happy memories. Nostalgia. Gratitude. Laughter and food. But for some of us this year, Christmas will be tinged with sadness. Memories of loved ones we now miss. An aching for their presence, and for happy times and laughter to come back again. For others, Christmas is just a holiday season with entertainment and food. So, what is the essence of Christmas? If Christmas is only about these things, then we have left its divine essence out on the front doors of our hearts. For the magic of Christmas lies in seeing its immense contrast.

Christ was the King, but He was born in a stable (some say a cave). The heavens sang, but the world barely raised a yawn. He came to save, but death awaited Him even at birth. He was rich, yet for our sake became poor. In such contrast lies the true meaning of Christmas. This is a season of great joy, festivity, and celebration with loved ones. But if we make room for the poor, the unloved, the sick, the prisoners, the unwanted, then something magical begins to happen. If we invite into our homes people who can never pay us back, then we begin to know just what the Christ child did when He was came into this world. We have begun to embrace what true Christmas is. For He came freely yet at great cost to Himself.

So, between now and Christmas Day, invite others into your homes, especially many singles who are not with their families. Visit the orphans, bless the widows, the lonely, the sick, the poor, the prisoners, and those who are suffering. Bring gifts, cheer, and blessings. Bring your children to visit where possible. Invite others to Skyline and to your home. Share the good news and the goodness of God. Seal it with His love. For in doing so, we are truly thanking God for His “original” indescribable gift!



基督本身是王却卑微降生于马槽 (有的人说是洞穴)。当天使们在为此欢唱时,世人却不以为意。祂来是为了拯救世人,但在祂出生的那一刻死亡就已经在等待着祂了。祂是富有的,但为了我们祂愿为贫穷。在这巨大反差的背后,隐藏了圣诞真正的意义。这是一个充满喜乐、欢庆并与家人共享天伦的节日。与此同时,如果我们愿意打开心房去接受那些贫穷的、被冷漠的、有病痛的、被囚的、被遗弃的,那么神迹将会发生。如果我们邀请那些不能偿还所欠我们的到我们家时,我们将体会到为何基督降生来到这世上。我们亦会开始明白圣诞真正的意义。祂出于自愿来到这世上,即使祂必须付上很大的代价。


Ps Dr Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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