Why I Believe in the 40D Dawn Prayer

Seven days of dawn prayer have passed. Did you join us for any of the mornings? If not, there are thirty-three days left, and tomorrow is a good time to come and be part of the nation-wide forty days of prayer. Each morning, the sanctuary has been packed with well in excess of two hundred people including children. A couple of the mornings, numbers were even as high as three hundred! It feels like an exciting Sunday morning service! Such is the level of expectancy and passion that even though it is at six o’clock in the morning, people are wide-awake and hearts are overflowing with faith.

Already miracles have been happening. On the very first day, a brother who had lost his car keys for over a month found them again after dropping his prayer     request into the prayer bowl that morning! When all hope was gone, faith arose in the midst of the corporate anointing and the breakthrough came! That is why these forty days of prayer are so powerful for you and your family. On your own, you may struggle to pray for your business and your family. You may be personally       struggling with addictions, or lack of purpose and hope. Together, prayer becomes easy. Faith soars. Hope rises. God works. The corporate faith atmosphere brings breakthroughs. God has impressed upon my spirit that the giants plaguing our lives will fall. This is your season to let the stone of prayer fly from your sling to see your Goliaths fall.

Dawn is a powerful time to draw divine strength to heal the sick and cast out     demons (Mark 1:35). Unity in corporate prayer draws the Holy Spirit’s presence (Acts 2:1-4, 4:31)! Combine the two and forty days of dawn prayer becomes a place of revelation, transformation and empowerment. God is here! All we have to do is seek His face, ask of Him and knock on His door (Luke 11:9-13). This is the time to gather, fast and pray for ourselves, our family, our church and our nation! It’s a critical window period. So don’t miss out. See you every day this week!

七天的祷告会已过去了。有在哪一天清晨参与我们吗?若是还没有,我们还有接下来的33天,明天清晨会是一个美好的时机齐来为国家祷告。每日清晨,教会都座无虚席,包括小朋友约有超越200人聚集在一起。感觉上是场兴奋的主日崇拜! 真是充满盼望与热诚!虽是清晨6点,大家都苏醒带着满溢的信心到来。




清晨祷告是亲近神圣能量、医治病痛及赶走恶魔的一个强大的时机(马可福音 1:35)。统一的团聚祷告,亲近圣灵的同在 (使徒行传 2:1-4,马可福音 4:35)!这两合二为一以于40天清晨祷告,成为充满启示、转变和得着神能的地方。神与我们同在!我们所需做的是寻找 ,就寻见 ;叩门,就给你们开门。(路加福音 11:9-13)大家齐来聚集,禁食和为家人、教会和国家祷告!这是个很关键紧密关头。因此,不要错过,这星期每日清晨见!


Ps Dr Philip Lyn

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