So continuing daily with one accord in the temple….
they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart,
praising God and having favor with all the people.
And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved
(Acts 2:46-47)

I love Sundays. They may be one of my busiest days of the week, but in it I see lives connect, touched and changed. The world has meetings on Sundays too: Hash runs, sports clubs, hobby gatherings, pet socials, golfing parties, gambling dens etc. But it can never replicate the power of God to change lives on Sundays. In just under two hours, people come and are energized, uplifted, blessed and charged up. They learn unchanging truths from God’s Word that change their lives, help them build their self- confidence, grow their families, heal their relationships and give them purpose in life. Supernatural miracles may take place. Breakthrough happens. People are healed and saved. They encounter God! What better thing can happen on a Sunday than this?

On top of that, people also feel they belong to a wonderful family of like-hearted and like-minded people who have come with one purpose only: to worship God and exalt His name, and to see His love and glory flow through all their lives. It is here that life touches life. It is here we connect and show care, love and compassion. It is here we reach out to help one another as God leads us. Every Sunday in church is powerfully transformational, and it happens in ways no other society, clubs or gatherings can hope to replicate! That is why I excitedly spring out of bed every Sunday morning, whether I am preaching or not! I can’t wait to see what God will do. And I am never disappointed!

(使徒行传 2:46-47)


除此以外,大家都体会到这美满大家庭的温馨,同心合意为同一个目标而来:敬拜上帝并高举祂的名,见证祂伟大的爱和荣耀,涌流人们的生命当中。这里就是生命互相感动的地方, 我们彼此联系,互相关爱、怜悯。我们在神的引领之下,伸出援手,互相扶持。每逢星期日,教会都充满能力地转化着生命,不是任何的社群、社团或聚会活动能够复制到的。这就是为什么每逢星期日,不管我有没有讲道,我都兴奋不已地从睡床跳起来!因为我非常期待神将要成就的美好事。而且,我从没失望过!

Philip Lyn 医生牧师

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